Why Ryan Gosling Wears 3 Watches at Once in ‘Barbie’

Ryan Gosling Chose His Own Watches He Wore in Barbie

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling proved there’s no limit to accessories when it comes to playing Ken.

In Barbie — which premiered in theaters earlier this month — Gosling’s Ken donned three Tag Heuer watches at the same time. The 42-year-old is an ambassador for the luxury label and picked out vintage watches that all featured a flashy look. The first selection, a gold Carreras — featured a metallic face with black detailing. The second piece was similar — but equipped with a chunkier band. The third accessory included a black leather band with a dark face and chrome numbers. Tag Heuer explained in a press release that “Gosling handpicked three gold timepieces to accentuate [Ken’s] bold persona.”

Gosling described the reason behind the three watches, in a Monday, July 24, ​“Ken Essentials” YouTube video for GQ. “This, I use for real world time,” he said in the clip. “This is Barbie Land time, and I have this one because it tracks the moon’s phases, and you can keep track of the morning waves.” (Ken loves to surf.)

The actor continued, “Generally the watch is a symbol that you’re busy and you have important things to do and cool places to be. When you’re a Ken, you have none of those things. So, ​it’s even more important for you to appear that you do.”

He compared the overload of accessories to the Coco Chanel rule, which is “before you leave the house, you take one thing off [but] the Ken Rule is you put three things on.”

Watches aren’t the only thing Ken donned in the movie. In a teaser for the film, Gosling could be seen doubling up on sunglasses. He explained to GQ that Ken needs to have “at least two pairs” on him “at all times.”

Ryan Gosling Chose His Own Watches He Wore in Barbie

He continued: You want the first pair to be something that Barbie would also wear. [If] she needs them for any reason, you have them at the ready.” He recommended a dark pair of sunglasses, in case Ken ever needed to hide his emotions behind them. “You never want to risk bumming Barbie out,” he joked. The second pair should be mirrored, “so you can reflect Barbie’s greatness,” and so she can use them to “put on lipstick.”

At the Los Angeles Barbie premiere earlier this month, Gosling channeled his inner Ken and rocked a Gucci pink suit.

Underneath, he wore a pastel pink button-up and accessorized with a vibrant “E” necklace, in Barbie’s signature font, most likely as a tribute to his wife, Eva Mendes. His honey blonde locks were parted on the side and styled in beachy waves and he slayed a manicured goatee.

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