Mama said don’t knock yourself out over a selfie.

At least, that’s LL COOL J‘s take on the current discourse surrounding Miranda Lambert, who recently halted her show to call out several fans in the crowd for taking group photos while she was performing. 

“Miranda, get over it, baby,” the rapper said with a laugh during his July 19 appearance on Audacy’s Mercedes in the Morning. “They’re fans.”

Sharing that he wouldn’t have stopped his performance over a picture, LL COOL J explained, “Your job as an artist is to create art. The way people choose to interact with that art—or engage it or appreciate it—is up to them.”

“You gotta let the fans do what they wanna do,” he continued. “What, we got rules?”

However, the 55-year-old noted he’s “not going to judge” Miranda for how she wants her fans to behave.

“I have nothing unkind to say about her,” LL COOL J added. “I wish her the best. She has the right to her feelings but for me, I let the fans be fans and do what they want to do.”

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