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Whoopi Goldberg wants to be cremated when she dies, but she had a very funny way of putting it. The View hosts discussed how they want their bodies to be handled after they pass during a discussion on Wednesday, July 12. The EGOT winner, 67, shared that her mom had told her that she wanted to be “put in the microwave,” after she dies, and she wants the same.

While discussing the ruling in Aretha Franklin’s will, the hosts were discussing how it’s important for a will to have details about what they want to be done with their body after they pass. Whoopi shared an anecdote about her mother. “She said, ‘If I go, just put me in the microwave. I don’t want to be buried, because I don’t want people to take time out of their day to find me in some ground.’ So when she passed, I said to my brother, ‘Do you know about microwave?’ He said, ‘Yeah! She said something about the microwave.’ I said, ‘I think she wants to be cremated,’” she said. “There was never a question between [my brother and I] of what she wanted.”

While her co-host Joy Behar, 80, admitted that she hadn’t yet come to a conclusion on where she wanted her final resting place to be, Sunny Hostin, 54, said she felt like a mausoleum was a “cute idea.” Whoopi proceeded to sing a few lines from “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. “I’m just going to be dust in the wind. I’m going to be going around the world. I’m going to be everywhere. I might be in your backyard,” she said.

Whoopi revealed she wanted to be cremated after she dies on ‘The View.’ (ABC)

Whoopi revealed that she had similar wishes to her mom, for the same reasons. “I’m going with my mom. Into the microwave!” she quipped, repeating Joy’s joke. “I don’t want people to feel obligated to come to the cemetery. If you want to remember me, remember me.”

Aside from burial and cremation arrangements, the women also discussed how as celebrities, they need to decide how their image will be handled posthumously. While some celebrities have been resurrected in a hologram form for concert performances, Whoopi said that’s a no for her. “I don’t want to be a hologram, but that’s been in my will for 15 years,” she said.

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