The “Notebook” costars met on the set of their romantic drama in 2002, but apparently, it was far from love at first sight. Per a 2014 interview with VH1, director Nick Cassavetes claimed that Gosling and McAdams did not get along while filming their classic movie. Nevertheless, Couple-Pictures-32534981″ class=”ga-track” data-ga-category=”internal click” data-ga-label=”https://www.popsugar.com/celebrity/Rachel-McAdams-Ryan-Gosling-Couple-Pictures-32534981″ data-ga-action=”body text link”>the couple spent three years together before calling it quits in 2007. Despite the breakup, Gosling still valued his Relationship with McAdams. In 2011, he told The Times he “had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time,” in reference to McAdams and Bullock, per Us Weekly. “I haven’t met anybody who could top them.”


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