Allu Arjun starred in a Telugu film made on five days of wedding celebrations titled Varudu back in 2010. Directed by Gunasekhar, the film features actress Bhanushree Mehra opposite Allu Arjun. The movie opened up to highly negative reviews and became a box-office disaster. That was not it, the film also made the Pushpa star caught in a controversy with his co-star. 

Allu Arjun blocked his Varudu co-star Bhanushree Mehra on Twitter in March 2023. However, the reason for this action was unknown. But the actress surely made it a point to tell that world. Bhanushree indirectly took a dig at Allu Arjun by trying to find humor in her struggles after he blocked her. Mehra shared a screenshot of the actor’s blocked profile on the micro-blogging site and said despite acting with star like Allu Arjun she couldn’t get any work in the industry.

She wrote in her tweet, “If you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, just remember that I acted in ‘Varudu’ with Allu Arjun and STILL couldn’t get any work. But I’ve learned to find humor in my struggles – especially now that Allu Arjun has blocked me on Twitter. Go subscribe?”

Allu Arjun blocked his Varudu co-star Bhanushree Mehra on Twitter

 Bhanushree Mehra slammed for blaming her career failure on Allu Arjun

The post went viral on social media and also attracted major backlash from fans for blaming Allu Arjun for her failed career. However, Mehra later clarified that she only intended to find humor in struggles with her career. 

A Couple of hours after her post, the Pushpa actor unblocked her on Twitter. Sharing the screenshot of her unblocked profile, she wrote, “Great news, Allu Arjun has unblocked me! To clarify, I NEVER blamed him for my career setbacks. Instead, I’ve learned to find humour in my struggles and keep moving forward. Stay tuned for more laughs and good vibes!”

Later, yet again, the actress posted another video of raising a toast for herself after a long day and wrote, “Well, that was a rollercoaster of a day! Goodnight, folks! Just to clear the air – my tweet wasn’t intended to hurt any Allu Arjun fans. I’m a fan too! I was just poking fun at my own career struggles. Let’s spread love & laughter, not hate. Sweet dreams!”

Amid all this drama, Allu Arjun didn’t take time to react or comment on Bhabushree’s back-to-back tweets.

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