Usher Details Trying ‘Different Things’ Through Vegas Residency

In a newly-published interview, Usher is dishing on the mindset he’s bringing to his Las Vegas Residency!

While the April 2023 sit-down occurred months before Usher went viral for serenading stars like Keke Palmer, Saweetie, and Winnie Harlow, it indicates his solid commitment to giving the audience a “deeper” and “different” experience.

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The Singer Is Utilizing The Residency To “Spread [His] Wings”

Complex published the sit-down on Wednesday (Jul. 12), and Usher detailed how he truly wanted to give people a “different” experience with his show.

Judging by how some have humorously dubbed Usher a “menace” who’s on a “take your girl tour,” as well as factoring in some of the drama surrounding the matter, it’s safe to say that he accomplished this goal!

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“I really enjoy being engaged on a deeper level than just listening to a song or seeing a performer on the stage. So, I [asked myself], what can I do to bring a little bit of that into this Vegas experience that’s going to be different?”

Continuing, Usher proceeded to speak on how his Las Vegas residency offered him the chance to “spread [his] wings and try different things.”

“I wanted Vegas to be an opportunity for me to spread my wings and try different things that I haven’t before. I really wanted to make certain that I give you something that not only entertained you, but [that] you felt great, and gratified in spending the time to get there because I gave you something that you just otherwise would’ve never seen or experienced.”

With the singer being so focused on delivering a great show, Usher added that he encourages people to record and share bits from his performance, as he wants others to know what he’s serving. Okurrr!

“I allow people to bring their phones into my show, and normal people don’t do that. I want you to share. I want you to see it. I want you to wonder what it’s like to be here.”

Usher Dishes On Being An “Intergenerational Act” Who’s Goin’ With The Flow: “It Feels Good”

The “Burn” artist didn’t stop there, as he also acknowledged being an “intergenerational act” who has hits for the entire family to love.

“I’ve literally seen an entire family come to a performance… I think being able to say that I have music that has spanned over these generations is a testament to making something that people really appreciate, and that’s probably where I get that title [of being an intergenerational act] from.”

Continuing, Usher also addressed whether he plans to retire anytime soon. After firmly shutting down the prospect, he declared, “The residency feels good.”

“It feels good because I get the opportunity to be the father that I want to be for my children, and also to still do what I love, and also handle business and be stationed. I mean, you get a chance to be in one place for a nice amount of time.”

He wrapped up by also hinting at what the future has in store, and he’s simply “trying to figure it out as [he goes].”

“I’m just enjoying being in the moment. Whatever this next chapter of my life represents is going to be based on what I feel. And I give my all, every time I do what I do.”

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