Upcoming Ohio Rapper Disappears On Her Birthday, Her Boyfriend Now A Person Of Interest

Rising Ohio rapper Breneisha Lightfoot, better known as @Ahlotta, has been reported missing, and her boyfriend is the primary suspect. 

The mystery of what happened to Lightfoot has stunned her family and community. On Tuesday, a relative phoned the police after no one was able to reach the young artist on her birthday. There was more cause for concern after Lightfoot’s phone was located in the front yard of a residence. Police visited Lightfoot’s apartment in Bedford to conduct a welfare check, and while there, they stumbled across a disturbing scene. They have not spoken about the particulars of what was in Lightfoot’s home. Still, officers did confirm that they found evidence that suggested “someone may have been seriously injured there,” according to News 5 Cleveland. They have now turned their attention to her boyfriend, Michael Roarty-Nugent, who is considered a person of interest in Lightfoot’s disappearance. He is missing as well.

Ironically enough, Lightfoot was the subject of a missing persons case in October 2014 when she was just 17. She’d vanished from Cleveland but was found the following month. Details surrounding that incident were not made public. 

Lightfoot’s friend and fellow artist, Big Topic, organized a search scheduled for Friday at 2:00 p.m., with a crew looking in abandoned homes, bodies of water, fields, and various spots in the Cleveland region. 

Ahlotta has amassed over 23,000 Instagram followers, frequently sharing videos of her performing and debuting new singles. Anyone with information regarding her or Roarty-Nugent’s whereabouts is urged to contact Bedford Police Detectives at 440-232-3408.

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