‘Unrecognizable’ Lisa Rinna Compared to Brandi Glanville and Steven Tyler

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Rinna never fails to grab attention! Not only has her actions and behavior on the Bravo series been subject to criticism, she is also being trolled left and right for her posts on social media. Actions have consequences, Lisa!

The former reality star recently took to Instagram to post a snippet of her preparing for a Rinna Beauty shoot, only to be severely trolled by fans. In the video, she is seen posing and pouting with her “pumped up” lips as her stylists did her hair and makeup. The looks are definitely getting worse day by day, but looks like nothing can stop the RHOBH alum from feeling her oats!

Fans spotted the hair extensions, big lips, and thought she had used filters on her face. They didn’t shy away from trolling the star.

Lisa Rinna is giving fans the ick with her looks

After her time on RHOBH, Lisa looks like she has more time to focus on her business and other entrepreneurial activities. She’s more active on social media, sometimes for the worse. One such post caught attention when fans couldn’t stop themselves from coming for the star!

She posted a video of herself getting ready for a shoot wearing a black leather crop with a transparent long sleeved top. Lisa even added Sam Smith’s hit number I’m Not Here to Make Friends to the post. And she definitely didn’t succeed in making friends, as she was relentlessly criticized for her look. So much for her beauty shoot.

Fans took to the comment section of the post to express their opinions. They trolled her for her resemblance to Brandi Glanville and Steven Tyler. One user said, “I honestly thought it was Brandi Glanville.” And another commented, “I thought it was Steven Tyler at first.”

If that wasn’t enough, fans even trolled her saying she looked like a “bratz doll.” If you don’t know what that it, you may as well google it and find striking resemblance to Lisa. One fan commented, “I thought she was a Bratz Doll.” Another said, “Looking like a badly designed blowup doll.”

Some fans proceeded to slam the RHOBH alum for making changes to her face, which they felt made her look only worse. One user said, “Whatever makes you happy but you’re Becoming more and more unrecognizable.” Another commented, “What did you do to yourself? It just keeps getting worse.”

No stranger to trolling

This, however, isn’t the first time Lisa has landed in trouble for her looks. Earlier this year, the star opted for a bowl haircut, which had fans trolling her for her resemblance to Willy Wonka, and a Stranger Things character. She has previously also been trolled for wanting to look like The Kardashians.

At this point, Lisa couldn’t care less as she lives in her new era, but she might want to dial down on the looks. Keeping it more natural is the way to go, Lisa!


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