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Tokyo Toni Shows Off Bruised Eye After Allegedly Being Hit w/A Cup By A Starbuck’s Employee

Internet personality Tokyo Toni is speaking out  about her not so pleasant visit to Starbuck’s recently.

The mother of influencer/model Blac Chyna posted a lengthy video online, explaining how she ended up with a bruised eye following a verbal altercation with an employee of the coffeehouse chain.

In a condensed version of her live video, Tokyo Toni claims that a Starbuck’s worker threw a cup of strawberries in her car. Subsequently, it seems the celebrity mom attempted to attack the individual back. She stated:

“You f*cked up Imma own this motherf***er….your employee hit me with a cup in the eye…then I tried to – I jumped out the car I was trying to go through the window”


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“But they was pushing him and closing the window. I was trying to go through the Drive-thru window”

According to Toni, she’s really not sure what happened to prompt the interaction. She claims she was talking with another individual she was with when the employee began speaking to her aggressively. Throughout much of her explanation video, Toni issued many threats while expressing her disdain for the person.

At one point, she even says that she wanted to “tase” and “shoot” the individual “like the little 15-year-old boy that sh*t the n*gga for hitting his mother”. In case you’re unfamiliar, Toni was referring to the tragic situation in which a teenager from Chicago fatally shot a man named Jeremy Brown for brutally punching his mother Carlishia Hood while they were waiting for food.

Toni went on to state that the restaurant posted closed signed on their doors after the incident took place because she “went crazy”. Allegedly, she says the individual eventually came outside after the initial confrontation to “talk more sh*t”. She added:

“B*tch you gone threaten me? Let me show you something….Then the police got called…they f*cked up not me”

Toni ended her live, making clear her plans to formally press charges against the individual and the company. Despite claiming to be confused about how things began, however, Toni is infamously known for her words and actions causing trouble. Not only has she become synonymous with stirring up situations with strangers, she’s also known for often tearing down and berating her child.

Blac Chyna, Tokyo Toni

Chyna and Toni’s seemingly toxic Relationship has showed up many times over the years, and arguably came to a head while the two filmed their Zeus series “The Real Blac Chyna” together. Back in April, Toni garnered massive backlash after publicly bashing her daughter. Apparently, Toni took issue with Chyna’s look while she attended the Grammy awards. However, Chyna responded with dignity, acknowledging that hatefulness wasn’t her mother, but instead the devil.

These days, Chyna has seemingly decided to turn a new life. The socialite declared earlier this year she wanted to be referred to by her birth name Angela White, and shared that she’s given her life to Christ. A few days ago, she celebrated being 10 months sober, and was even recently praised by her daughter Dream Kardashian’s aunt Khloe Kardashian. The Good American founder posted several videos asking people not to “pen them against each other” declaring they both try their best as parents.

It seems safe to say that no matter what drama Toni may be finding herself, Chyna plans to steer clear and embrace the progress she’s made.

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