Tiger Woods - The Masters - Round Three

Tiger Woods – Source: Andrew Redington / Getty

Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend Erica Herman has had a change of heart and dropped her $30M lawsuit against the golfer.

Back in March, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend filed a bizarre lawsuit against the professional golfer alleging that he agreed to support her for 5 years in exchange for her “services.”

The services in question were never described but later she added a sexual harassment claim as well. She would go on to claim that they split when she was tricked into thinking they were going on vacation and left at the airport before being informed the Relationship was over and she wouldn’t see Tiger again.

According to TMZ, Erica Herman has now had a change of heart and dropped the lawsuit she filed against the trust owned by Woods. This decision comes after a judge ordered the case to be settled in arbitration. Without having a written agreement stating she could stay in the house for five more years she was out of luck basically. As for how she even got to the number $30M it was revealed that would have been the rent amount for her five-year stay in the property.


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