The Ultimatum Season 2 First Look and Premiere Date Revealed

Kat and Alex are proof that, after meeting on Hinge, some relationships really can make it out of the app. But while the two love their life exploring the outdoors and traveling across the country together, Alex says he wants a partner who will challenge him, while Kat prefers to avoid conflicts. But this time, she’s issued the ultimate challenge: get married or break up.

Despite a strong connection when they first met, Antonio and Roxanne didn’t get together until they reconnected on social media years after their initial meeting. But while Antonio thinks marriage is the best next step for the pair after four years together, Roxanne wants her future husband to be on the same level financially and professionally—and Antonio isn’t there yet.

And finally, Riah and Trey have not only gotten their relationship past the dating app phase, they’ve also survived long distance. In fact, Riah has now moved in with Trey. But two years into their relationship, Trey wants marriage, but Riah says his romance and date night skills are not up to par.

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