Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: Light It Up

What a season of Temptation Island we’ve had so far. The four couples are looking likely to all go their separate ways when the final credits roll. That was never more apparent than it was this week. The highly-anticipated Temptation Light twist finally made its way into the villas, and things got hot and steamy under the covers. Let’s dive into exactly what went down in Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 5…

Everybody has doubts

Temptation Island Recap
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“Sometimes I wonder if right person, wrong time exists,” Makayla says to Hall as the episode opens up. He replies that this is the exact situation they’ve found themselves in; and they’re not the only two with their concerns. Great believes he’s the reason for Tamie and Nafeesah’s bust up. Tamie makes it clear that she is “washing my hands” of Great, which makes her actions later in the episode a little confusing.

Meanwhile, Vanessa opens up about her problems in being vulnerable. She had a previous relationship where she felt “safe,” and when that was taken away, she found it hard to trust anybody ever again. She doesn’t want to give somebody else the power to hurt her, by opening herself up. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. But in saying that, it was nice to finally get some honesty from Vanessa. If she continues to let her walls come down, she may become even more watchable.

Truth or dare?

Temptation Island Recap
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Nafeesah says she gives Tamie a “taste of her own medicine,” when a game of Truth or Dare results in her getting to kiss Great. It’s all very petty, high school stuff. Tamie, despite “washing her hands” clean of Great, wishes she’d got the opportunity to kiss him. Is this man really worth all of this energy? He gives off about as much charisma as a cardboard box. “I know Tamie’s blood is boiling right now,” Nafeesah laughs. Is she even that interested? Or just happy to have “won” in this battle?

Hall, meanwhile, says that his biggest fear when it comes to a relationship, is one person lying to protect the feelings of their partner. Yep, it’s a confession. He’s been lying to himself about seeing a future with Kaitlin, and he may be ready to move on…

For her part, Kaitlin is actually missing Hall. Sure, she’s hugging Sebastian and enjoying getting to know some of the single men, but her mind is firmly on a future with her fiancé. It’s gonna be a tough bonfire for her, next episode.

The arrival of the Temptation Light

Temptation Island Recap
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Host Mark Walberg arrives to reveal what the new light fixture in each villa means. He explains that it will glow an ominous red when somebody’s partner has given into temptation. They won’t know exactly who, but they will know that a line has been crossed. Vanessa has a bit of a meltdown, and says she’ll be keeping an eye on the light 24/7. Over in the guys’ villa, Great feels it’ll always be Paris straying when their light emits the eerie red. He might not be wrong on that one.

In celebration of the new addition, each villa hosts a party. The guys’ villa is enjoying Temptation High Prom, while the girls’ villa have a casino party. Paris apologizes to Tahjjic for an earlier conversation in which she demanded some clarity from him. He warned her that he wasn’t going to be giving her the answers she needed until at least a year into any relationship they may form. After a few hours apart, they got back on the same page.

Marisela is getting newfound attention from single man Kristian. She’s enjoying it, and thinks he looks great in his white suit. So much so, that she later invites him to cuddle in the bedroom. They exchange massages, before a steamy kiss. Not sure where that one led!

What we can be sure of, is that Great and Nafeesah did the dirty. They had Sex! He is officially over his relationship with Paris. Nobody feels they can blame him, given the footage he watched at the first solo bonfire of the season. As the Temptation Lights go off in both villas – twice in the girls’ villa, as Roberto kisses Desiree – the parties turn up even further.

The solo bonfire makes its return

Temptation Island Recap
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The second solo bonfires of the season have arrived. We first get to see the men’s reaction to what their women have been getting up to. Great watches as Paris enjoys a lap dance, kiss, and night with Tahjjic. He looks stunned, and immediately closes off any idea of going back to her when the experiment is over. Mark reminds him that he too has done some questionable things in the villa, and that he shouldn’t jump the gun in passing judgment.

Christopher is next up. He sees Marisela with Kristian, and questions whether their intimacy may have led to sex. Chris says that Marisela should be “ashamed of herself,” admitting he is “shocked, disappointed … my heart’s beating out of my chest right now.” He claims that Marisela set boundaries before they came on the show, and she has been the first one to break them.

Over to Rob, who watches a tame video of Vanessa twerking. “That doesn’t really phase me … the more I let her go, the happier I am.” While Mark is impressed in how strong Rob has been, he actually thinks he could be “exactly the guy Vanessa needs.” It’s something to chew over, but it looks as though Rob has well and truly left Vanessa in the dust at this point.

Finally, Hall sees Kaitlin hugging Sebastian. The tamest of all the videos! But then, the confession. “I’ve always known deep inside that she’s not the one for me,” Hall says. Then the credits roll, and we have to wait until next week’s episode to see if he’s going to actually close the door, and start officially making moves on Makayla.

Temptation Island continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.


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