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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers got a special treat on July. 19, when MTV aired two back-to-back episodes to kick off the new season. Maci Bookout, Cheyenne Floyd, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, Ashley Jones, and Leah Messer are all back for a second season of the newest show in the Teen Mom franchise, and we’re loving what we’re seeing thus far. So let’s get into it and recap what each mom went through in part two of the season 2 premiere.

Leah Messer

Leah started the season in an unexpected way by reconnecting with ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley. Even though they broke up, she still wanted to maintain a friendship with him. And since he still talks to her daughters, she invited him to attend their upcoming birthday party. But not long after, she discovered that he “duped” her by presenting her with a fake deed to the house they shared after he proposed, so she quickly disinvited him and said he had no right to show his face at the birthday party. And yet, we still don’t know why they truly broke up because Leah signed a NDA after they split, and it legally binds her from saying anything about it.

Briana DeJesus

After Devoin Austin told Briana that he has feelings for her, he asked her to go on a dinner Date with him. Her mom, Roxanne, wasn’t thrilled about it at all, but Briana went anyway. And during this dinner date, Devoin told Briana that he’s had feelings for her since they broke up over a decade ago — he just never acted on them. She was flattered, but she told him that he still has a lot of work to do before they could even entertain getting into a romantic Relationship with each other. She also suggested some family counseling, and he was fully on board for that. He even said he’d call his counselor from rehab to help them set that up.

Jade Cline

After Jade’s argument with her mom while wedding dress shopping, she — for some reason — thought it’d be a good idea to invite her mom to go with her to do a cake tasting. But from the moment they got in the car together, Jade started having panic attacks and suffering from major anxiety. Then, when they got to the cake tasting late, Jade’s mom started coughing a lot, so she stepped outside. Jade felt so alone, and to got a little emotional while tasting the cakes on her own. Her mom, Christy, actually never returned and Jade had to pick out the cake flavors solo.

Cheyenne Floyd

Cheyenne took a backseat to her ex, Cory Wharton, this week, as most of her storyline revolved around him and his daughter’s upcoming surgery. Cory went all the way to his mom’s house in Michigan with Ryder, and the eldest daughter he shares with girlfriend Taylor Selfridge, so she would babysit them while he traveled back to LA to go to the hospital with Taylor and newborn Maya. However, while he was in Michigan, he learned that Maya was fighting a virus, so her surgery got postponed. At least they all got a visit with his mom, right?

Ashley Jones

This week, Ashley revealed that boyfriend (or husband?) Bar Smith escaped a six-year prison term by agreeing to do 100 hours of community service. We actually can’t remember if he got some sort of probation and fines as well, but what we do know is that Bar was struggling to keep up with his hours. And if he doesn’t finish them within three months, he loses the plea deal and must face the initial sentence. Ashley didn’t seem too worried, though. She told her sister that if Bar does go to prison, she’ll stay in Vegas and continue nursing school.

Amber Portwood & Catelynn Lowell

Neither of these ladies appeared in part two, but to find out what they’ve been up to so far this season, take a look at our recap of part one.

Want more? New episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter air Wednesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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