Taylor Lautner and wife Tay praise Taylor Swift for collaboration, call her ‘mastermind’


Taylor Lautner and Wife Tay’s Collaborative Encounters with Taylor Swift

In the latest episode of their podcast, The Squeeze, actor Taylor Lautner and his wife, Tay, offer fans an intimate glimpse into their captivating experiences working with the sensational pop icon, Taylor Swift. As the Couple delves into the behind-the-scenes details, their admiration for Swift’s exceptional talent and collaborative spirit shines through.

Taylor Lautner’s connection with Taylor Swift first bloomed when he co-starred in the music video for ‘I Can See You.’ The response to this collaboration was overwhelming, leading to countless interview requests. However, the Lautners decided to respect their Relationship with the pop star and share their story themselves. During the podcast, they expressed their excitement and anticipation, having known the video’s brilliance for months: “We’ve been aware of how awesome the video is for quite some time now, and we were simply stoked for its grand unveiling to the world.”

Describing Swift as a ‘genius’ and a ‘mastermind’, the couple conveyed the sheer brilliance of working alongside her. Tay emphasized, “She’s incredibly collaborative, that I’ve never used to describe anyone else. Despite her immense talent, she doesn’t need to be collaborative; she’s a true mastermind.”

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Friendship and On-Stage Surprises – The Lautners’ Unforgettable Moments with Taylor Swift

Beyond the mesmerizing music video, Taylor Lautner’s journey with Taylor Swift took an enchanting turn during her Eras tour. Sharing the same first name with the pop superstar, the couple found a deeper connection that blossomed into a genuine friendship. Tay fondly recalled Lautner’s on-stage appearance during the tour, which was met with thunderous applause and excitement from the audience.

During the “Kansas City tour” stop, Taylor Lautner had a heartwarming surprise for the fans. He channeled his character from the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day by cartwheeling and backflipping on stage before sharing an emotional hug with Swift. 


Swift herself had previously praised Lautner saying “He played a positive role in my life during the creation of the Speak Now album, and I must mention that he performed every single stunt you saw in the music video. Along the way, he and his wife have become some of my dearest friends, and it’s quite convenient that we all share the same first name.”

As the latest episode of The Squeeze wraps up, listeners are left with a sense of awe and admiration for the talented trio. From creative brilliance to genuine friendship, their journey showcases the magic that happens when talent and friendship collide in the world of music and entertainment.

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