Tamra Judge Says Margaret Josephs Denies She’s Refusing to Film RHONJ With Luis, as Siggy Flicker Calls “Bulls**t” on Claim Margaret Fears Him, & Slams Ex-Costar as "Satan Herself"

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Tamra Judge claims her friend Margaret Josephs denied the reports that she’s refusing to film with Teresa Giudice’s husband Luis Ruelas amid allegations that he found dirt via a private investigator. According to the report, Margaret doesn’t feel “safe.”

At the same time, Siggy Flicker called “bulls**t” on the claim that Margaret is scared of him, and she slammed her former co-star as “Satan herself.” She also indicated that Margaret is the “common denominator” for every “disgusting toxic thing” that has “crossed the line” on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

On her Two T’s In A Pod podcast, Tamra revealed she “contacted” Margaret following reports that she’s not filming with Luis.

“I contacted Margaret herself this morning,” said Tamra, “and she said, ‘Not true. Didn’t Happen.’”

Tamra went on to say, “She’s honest about not liking Louie, but Margaret said she’s professional and no one will intimidate her to not do her job.”

Meanwhile, former castmate Siggy called “bulls**t” on the claim that Margaret doesn’t feel safe.

“Anyone who believes that Satan herself is afraid of Louie is drinking the editing departments koolaide,” wrote Siggy on Instagram, shared by @allabouttrh. “Every single disgusting toxic thing that has crossed the line on that show has one common denominator and that is MARGE aka #ROASTBEEF.”

“EVERYONE knows it and she is finally exposed,” she continued. “Every single phony that plays both sides will also be exposed! Fans… wake up. Trust your gut instincts and demand fair editing.”


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