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Well, now we know why Tamra Judge threw her napkin in Jennifer Pedranti‘s face. Ever since we laid eyes on the season 17 trailer, we’ve been wondering what sent Tammy Sue over the edge, and it was finally revealed during the July 19 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

It all started with Heather Dubrow‘s dinner party at Nobu. Emily Simpson, who didn’t go to Montana with the other ladies after testing positive for COVID-19, asked the group to fill her in on what happened during their trip. As viewers saw earlier in the episode, several of the ladies already told her a lot that had happened, so we just think she was trying to stir the pot. And guess what? It worked.

When the topic of Jenn’s Relationship with Ryan Boyajian came up, a few of the ladies asked her whether she’s worried about him cheating on her. She said it’s definitely a worry, but if it happens, she won’t “sweep it under the rug”. Tamra, however, was still worried, and she made that very clear to Jenn. “I feel like you left your entire world for a player,” she said.

Tamra went on to tell Jenn that she doesn’t think Ryan will remain loyal to her because he’s a “whore” and all of Orange County knows it. She also said that Ryan hosted a party that she and husband Eddie Judge went to about two to three years ago, where one of Ryan’s friends went up to Eddie and said, “Watch your wife [because] Ryan goes after married women.”

Jenn then asked Tamra if she wanted “to talk about that party” and what they discussed on the phone during it. Clearly, it was some sort of a threat, as Jenn insinuated that Tamra said something she might not want the group — or Eddie — knowing about. But Tamra urged her to say what she wanted to say. “Do it. I’ve got nothing to hide,” she said.

Jenn went on to insinuate that Tamra had the hots for Ryan, too. Jenn told Tamra to “watch it”, or she might reveal what Tamra told her in private. Tamra couldn’t believe that Jenn was threatening her, so she threw her napkin in Jenn’s face, got up from her seat, and started antagonizing her. Jenn didn’t give Tamra what she wanted, so Tamra stormed off and told Jenn to “leave” her boyfriend. She also called her a “bitch”.

Tamra Judge throws a napkin in Jennifer Pedranti’s face on ‘RHOC’! (Bravo)

After Tamra left the group, Emily asked Jenn, “Are you trying to say Tamra had the hots for Ryan?” And while she wouldn’t flat out admit to that, she said, “There was a lot of joking about [how hot Ryan was]. Now [she’s] like offended when [she] said the same s*** about him?”

In her private confessional, Jenn further explained, “There was a barbecue. Tamra and Eddie went to Ryan’s house. And Tamra called me from there and says, ‘Come over. I’m at hot gym guy’s house. She jokes and says, ‘Should I go up to his bedroom and take one for the team?’ It was funny. Does that mean she doesn’t love Eddie? No. But now, 2-3 years later you’re uncomfortable [about me Dating Ryan]? It doesn’t make sense. You don’t get to do that. It’s not fair.” Jenn is basically confused by the fact that Tamra used to fawn over Ryan, knowing his history, and now, all she can do is say how disgusting he is.

Anyway, when Tamra returned to the table, she told Jenn that she’s “livid”. She apologized for throwing the napkin in her face, but she was still “livid” with her. Jenn didn’t say anything, so it’s unclear where they’ll go from here.

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