Sonja Morgan has regaled The Real Housewives of New York City fans with anecdotes about her fabulous life and the famous men she’s done fabulous things with ever since she came on the scene in the Big Apple crew.

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She’s attended countless parties around the world hanging out with some of the most recognizable people on the planet, some of whom have been the Manhattan party girl’s flings over the years.

Sonja, of course, was married to John Adams Morgan for nearly a decade (together they have a daughter, Quincy Morgan) and was previously engaged to Italian Count Pierfrancesco for six years, according to her website.

And those are just a few of the powerful men who have come into Sonja’s life over the years. “You know, I like all kinds of people. So I’ve gone out with musicians. I’ve gone out with royalty, and even the musicians kind of like go from rock ‘n’ roll to classic,” she recently told The Daily Dish about her romantic past back in 2017 (clip above). “It’s crazy. I don’t want to really drop names because everyone says I’m a name dropper.”

She has since spoke more about her intriguing Dating history on Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake. Below we doing the work for Sonja and dropping some names. Here are some of Sonja’s past beaus.

Did Sonja Morgan Date Prince Albert of Monaco?

Sonja has been quite open about her time with the royal, even sharing with The Daily Dish in the past that they often used to hang out at the Regency. She chatted a bit more about Prince Albert, adding, “I used to wear this with Prince Albert when we were dating in Monaco,” she recalled to Bethenny Frankel about a shirt in her closet during the Season 9 RHONY premiere. “Can you believe this? It has a skirt. I must have left the skirt at Albert’s.”

Did Sonja Morgan Date Owen Wilson?

Sonja opened up about dating Owen Wilson after one of her RHONY pals admitted to a crush on him. “Tinsley [Mortimer] said her celebrity crush was Owen Wilson, and I thought she said she dated him,” Sonja told Entertainment Tonight several years ago. “I go, ‘Oh! I dated him, too!’ Out here [in Los Angeles]. Well, I met him in New York through some art friends, and then I also saw him while I was out here. Long time ago, a while ago.”

Did Sonja Morgan date Jack Nicholson?

Sonja dished on dating Jack Nicholson in the most Sonja way. “Have I? So much fun,” she shared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen several years ago about her time with the Oscar winner, adding, “Nobody nails down Nicholson. [It was] one big sloppy mess. Whatever.”  

Did Sonja Morgan date Paul Nassif?

Sonja made this love confession back in 2015, calling the Botched plastic surgeon “catnip” when they went out on a date: “When you meet him, when you meet this man, he’s just like a little, I don’t know, like a Chia Pet… little tuft of hair, so cute. Very elegant, worldly, has a black card… back it up!”

Their one date took place in NYC, with Sonja noting, “That was our only night because he went back the next morning. We had a really good time. I’d love to see him again. He went back to California.”

Did Sonja Morgan date Harry Dubin?

Sonja dated Aviva Drescher‘s ex-husband for some time, and he even gifted her with a very lovely ring… even if it wasn’t an actual engagement ring.

But, Sonja admits that he missed his chance to win her heart forever. “No more Harry!” she said previously. “Harry blew it. [But] Harry and I will always be friends.”

Did Sonja Morgan date Richard Lewis?

Sonja recently confessed on an episode of Welcome to Crappie Lake, that back in the day she and the comedian dated. “I haven’t seen a white limo like this since I dated Richard Lewis and that was in the ‘80s and he was a big f-ing star,” she said in an episode that aired on July 16.


Is Sonja Morgan currently single?

How Would Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan Describe Their Perfect Man?

In June 2023, Sonja revealed that she is single and these days she’s looking for her next Mr. Right. “Let’s just say, what am I looking for in a partner today? I’m looking for a partner and whatever I can get,” she said about her current single status. As for Sonja’s perfect mate, she revealed to The Daily Dish: “Well, mine is simple. Bigger belly, less hair, so I can get naked and feel comfortable. I don’t want these gorgeous men that [Luann] dates. I just can’t do it. She has amazing self-esteem.”


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