Signs That Kody Brown is Improving (Sort Of)

Basically, anyone who watches Sister Wives knows how much of a butthead Kody Brown has been over the last few seasons. Whether he was trying to hold the reins of power over his polygamous family or just ignoring three of his four wives, he hasn’t made a very good impression on TLC viewers. The Wyoming native has come across as incredibly selfish and narcissistic. It’s left fans to wonder who in their right mind would ever be attracted to him. 

Kody has had to deal with plenty of backlash since Christine Brown chose to leave the family in November 2021. Shortly after, Kody lost Meri Brown and Janelle Brown, who decided to follow in his third wife’s footsteps.

For years, it seemed as if Kody didn’t want to put the effort into his wives and 18 children, making it clear it was his way or the highway. Finally, his extended family started taking the patriarch at face value, leaving the TLC star questioning where he went wrong. 

Kody Attended Gwen’s Wedding

Christine Brown/Instagram

It was touch and go whether Kody would attend his daughter, Gwen Brown’s marriage to Beatriz Queiroz last month. The bride had made it clear she was not on speaking terms with her father’s favorite and only remaining wife, Robyn Brown. On more than one occasion, Gwen spoke out about Kody’s hypocrisy towards his children, noting he cared more for his kids that he shared with Robyn than any of his other ones. 

Gwen also revealed during her Valentine’s Day theme bridal shower that she was not on good terms with Robyn. The daughter of Christine and Kody revealed she had invited Robyn and her daughters, but they had declined, noting they didn’t feel emotionally safe. Gwen didn’t even know if Kody would end up walking her down the aisle to her future wife. 

However, in Christine’s wedding photo dump on Instagram, Kody was spotted hanging out with his grandchildren in the background. Even though he was surrounded by his ex-wives, Kody still made an attempt to show up for his daughter. It is unclear if he walked Gwen down the aisle, but at least he didn’t stand her up.

Kody Celebrated Savanah’s Graduation

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Kody chose not to be around for many of his older children in recent years, especially throughout the pandemic. For example, he decided not to attend his daughter Ysabel Brown’s back surgery in New Jersey, leaving his teenage daughter to feel abandoned. But Date-again-after-kody-brown-split/”>Kody does seem to be trying to work on his Relationship with his adult children. Just this past June, Kody was snapped hugging his daughter, Savannah Brown, at her high school graduation.

Janelle posted a touching family photo of her and all her children. But in the next slide was a photo of the father and daughter. Kody, who had been known to be steering clear of public gatherings, seemed to make an exception for the graduation. Truthfully, it was nice to see the Sister Wives star show how proud he was of such an achievement. 

Kody Is Said To Be Amicable With Christine

Christine Brown/Instagram

Even though Season 17 showed a very upset Kody regarding his first of three divorces, it looks like the father of 18 is trying to be on good terms with Christine. The move makes sense since he and Christine share a teenage daughter, Truely Brown.

When the separation first occurred, Kody made it clear he wasn’t happy that his daughter would be moved back to Utah and away from Arizona. However, the former Couple seemed to navigate a child custody plan without the need for any legal help. 

There is no doubt that Kody has a long way to go on his road to redemption. Not only does he have to work on how he speaks with his spouses, but he also needs to make amends with his children, whom he has pushed away in order to live a monogamous life with Robyn. Even though it looks like Robyn used to make all the decisions, Kody is clearly trying to cut the puppet strings and make some decisions on his own in order to try and heal his severely broken plural family. 


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