Royal Family to receive huge pay rise courtesy of Brit tax payers

The Royal Family is set to receive a huge pay rise courtesy from taxpayers in 2025, it has been reported.

Money in the Royal Grant is set to increase in less than 18 months’ time – but not everyone is happy about it…

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Royal Family set to receive huge pay rise in 2025

The Royals are set to receive a pay rise – courtesy of the British taxpayer – in 2025, it has been reported. The government is reportedly set to boost the Royal Family’s budget by 45% come 2025.

Details of the so-called pay rise were contained in a review of royal funding published by the Treasury yesterday (Thursday, July 20). The review revealed that the Royal Family’s grant is set to increase from £85m to £125m.

The monarchy’s yearly budget is pegged against the profits made by the crown estate.

Next year, the royals’ budget will remain the same (£86.3m). However, the budget will increase by a projected £38.5m in 2025. This will give them a budget of £124.8m. This will then reportedly increase to £126m in 2026.

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Royal Family slammed over pay rise

As expected, not everyone is happy regarding the news that the Royals are set to receive a pay rise. #NotMyKing was trending on Twitter after the news of the pay rise broke. Many are furious that the Royal Family are getting more money amid a cost of living crisis.

“Apparently, there isn’t enough money for pay-rises, except in the Royals’ case, of course. Truly disgusting #NotMyKing,” one person tweeted.

“Not a proper rise for nurses, doctors, school teachers, train drivers, but the Royals can get a 45% increase in their funding? Unreal #NotMyKing,” another fumed.

“This is beyond shocking,” a third fumed. “Six percent for essential public sector workers. 45% for King Charles. And people are meant to accept that?” another raged.

“I’d rather my taxes funded pay rises for nurses & teachers than a massive pay rise for Charles Windsor,” a fifth tweeted.

“An absolute slap in the face of millions who are suffering because of the cost of living crisis,” another said.

ED! has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment.

Prince Harry and Meghan
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Meghan and Harry ‘barred’ from private club?

In other royal news, the Sussexes have allegedly been barred from a private club in LA. Lady Victoria Hervey made the claims during an appearance on GB News recently.

“Well the one place that they were hanging out in LA – I’ve heard from people in LA – they actually got barred,” she said.

Lady Victoria then claimed that Harry and Meghan were banned due to allegedly arranging for photographers to snap them at the club.

“The private members club where they organised to have paparazzi outside in West Hollywood. They’re not allowed to go back,” she then said.

However, one of the journalists on the show debated whether or not Lady Victoria’s claims were true.

“I know people in LA. I’ve lived there for a really long time. It’s truth. Other people there do not like paparazzi. So they brought paparazzi there. They would do set-up shots,” Lady Victoria argued back.

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