RHOC newbie Jennifer Pedranti calls out Tamra Judge for being “drastically different” on-camera compared to the friend she knows in person.

Tamra Judge and Jennifer Pedranti got into a heated argument on Wednesday’s episode of RHOC over Jennifer’s Relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, who Tamra believes is a “player.”

Their argument got quite intense, resulting in Tamra tossing a napkin in Jennifer’s face before storming off.

Tamra Judge tosses napkin in fight on RHOC
Tamra Judge tosses napkin in fight on RHOC

While fans enjoyed the fight, many fans wondered if Tamra was playing it up for the cameras in order to invigorate the drama on RHOC.

It seems that Jennifer agreed with fans and felt that Tamra was faking her outrage over Ryan’s checkered Dating history. The RHOC newbie discussed her thoughts on Tamra’s outburst while appearing on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

On WWHL, Andy Cohen asked Jennifer, “How is Tamra different on camera than she is off?”

Jennifer took a pause to collect her thoughts before unloading her opinion.

“Drastically different … When Tamra’s on camera, she drinks. And when Tamra drinks, she turns it up,” Jennifer quipped.

Jennifer Pedranti shocked over fight with Tamra Judge on RHOC
Jennifer Pedranti shocked over fight with Tamra Judge on RHOC

Of course, Tamra caught wind of Jennifer’s comment and wasn’t too happy. The 55-year-old took to Twitter in order to clap back at Jennifer’s claim.

“Sit down, newbie. I told you to be honest! I don’t ham it up for the cameras. I’m being honest, and the truth hurts. #WWHL,” Tamra tweeted.  

A fan then called Tamra out and accused her of “hamming it up for the cameras.”

“Now, Tamra, I believe you, but throwing the napkin was definitely hamming it up for the cameras,” to which Tamra replied, “Nope. I was drunk and pissed.”

Tamra Judge fires back at Jennifer Pedrant saying she's "drastically different" on camera
Tamra Judge fires back at RHOC co-star Jennifer Pedrant

Oddly enough, Tamra recently admitted to E! News that she drank a little too much while filming season 17 because she was “nervous” and unsure about where she stood with so many of the women on RHOC.

“I’m not a big drinker, so going back, I didn’t know who was my friend [or] where I stood with these girls, I was nervous. I definitely was not a seasoned drinker at that time. I’m a lightweight,” she explained.

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