RHOC's Tamra Judge on Low Ratings, Regrets, and If She Purposefully Left Heather Out, Plus Ryan Drama, "Rough" Trip to Montana, and Why She and Teddi Film Podcast Separate

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Tamra Judge addressed the recent ratings of The Real Housewives of Orange County on her Instagram Story last week.

Following the first five episodes of season 17, Tamra took fan questions on her Instagram Story and TikTok pages, dishing on her regrets, her drama with Heather Dubrow and Ryan Boyajian, teasing her “rough” trip to Montana with her castmates, and explaining why she and Teddi Mellencamp film their podcast, Two Ts in a Pod, separately.

“Why do you and Teddi do the podcast over Zoom? Why not all in person, together?” a fan asked Tamra days ago on social media.

“Because iHeart studio is [two] hours from my house, it’s more [convenient] to do it from our home,” she replied.

RHOC Tamra Judge on Why She and Teddi Film Podcast Separate

Then, as she looked back on the cast trip to Montana, which will be featured on this week’s new episode of RHOC, on TikTok, Tamra hinted at some major drama.

“Next week gets a little rough for me and I get a little mad about something that’s said and not happy with the way I acted but I’m gonna own it and I did it and I’m sorry and I feel bad,” she admitted.

Also, on TikTok, Tamra said she didn’t kick Ryan out of her gym after hearing he allegedly said he wanted to “f-ck” her because she didn’t find out about it until the cast trip and because he never actually pursued her.

“I didn’t know about it, maybe a month before, maybe two weeks before we went to Montana,” she explained. “I was having a conversation with my friend. She told me a lot of things, but told me what had been said. The thing is, is he never acted on it so I didn’t really think it was necessary for me to bring it up until I had a few drinks in me and there was talk about him cheating.”

While Tamra thought it was a good idea to bring it up in the moment, she later thought, “Oh sh-t, I just opened up a big can of worms.”

“Here’s the thing: I knew it was only gonna piss Eddie off. I knew it was gonna cause more problems and my sober mind knew that it should not have been brought up because nothing good was gonna come out of it and he never hit on me,” Tamra continued. “It wasn’t like he was trying or anything like that. Really, it’s not people’s words, it’s their actions, and I should’ve never said anything.”

As for whether or not she felt she was leaving Heather out on last week’s episode, which saw her spending time with Shannon Beador after their reconciliation, Tamra said, “I really don’t.”

“[But] those are her feelings and she made it quite clear those are her feelings and that’s how she felt and I can’t blame anybody for how they feel,” Tamra noted. “When I was curling Shannon’s hair, Heather had been in the room prior and we were laughing and rolling on the bed, and just being girls and she came back to return a flatiron she had borrowed and that’s when she saw that I was curling Shannon’s hair and maybe she felt left out. But no intention whatsoever. We had a great time I felt like.”

Back on her Instagram Story, Tamra was asked if she has any regrets about returning to RHOC as a fan also noted that she “saved the show.”

“No regrets! But I wish I drank less this season [and] handled a few things differently,” she responded.

RHOC Tamra Judge on What She Regrets of RHOC Season 17

Another person wondered, “Why is there a lot of low viewers?”

But in response, Tamra said that not everything is as it seems when it comes to the show’s potentially low ratings.

“TV/Cable ratings are a lot different than they used to be. Most people stream or dvr,” she revealed.

Tamra Judge Explains Low Viewership on RHOC Season 17

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