RHOA Star Kenya Moore Shares What Roi Said About Marlo

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Kenya Moore claims her rumored boyfriend, Roi Shlomo, would “never date” Marlo Hampton.

After Marlo said on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that Roi once slid into her DMs, Kenya fired back at her “lying a–” as Marlo doubled-down with claims of text message receipts and photos and Sheree Whitfield called out a double standard involving her own love interest, Martell Holt.

“When I saw his face, it was like, that shocked me,” Marlo admitted on the July 16 episode of the RHOA: After Show of the moment in which Kenya showed off Roi on FaceTime. “I didn’t even try to make it something major. I just told what it was.”

But Drew Sidora disagreed, saying, “I feel like she was sitting there in that moment, kinda being messy a little bit,” and Kandi Burruss pointed out that the start of Kenya’s romance with Roi was far different than the interaction between Marlo and Roi.

“Marlo says that he slid up in her DMs and with Kenya, they were genuinely introduced by a mutual friend so it wasn’t like he just so happened to be going after two women that were part of the same TV show,” she clarified. “This is a situation where a mutual friend said, ‘You know what? I think you guys would be great together. Let me introduce you.’ That’s different.”

Kandi then threw some shade at Marlo, saying, “Whatever it was, it didn’t make him wanna come back for seconds.”

Meanwhile, Sheree pointed out that Kenya was quick to brush off the idea that Roi had sent Marlo a DM — after making a big deal about the DM she reportedly received from Sheree’s man, Martell.

“What’s funny is that you went with him on a date before and he was in your DMs when they made such a huge deal about being in a DM. No date. But also, Martel’s was friendly. This was strictly, ‘Let’s go on a date.’ But they didn’t talk about that DM. They did not acknowledge that DM,” she recalled. “[It’s] a double standard that we can try to tear down, ambush somebody about a DM. But then here we are with a DM from a guy that you’re Dating and a date and you don’t want to acknowledge it.”

Marlo also saw the hypocrisy, wondering why Kenya disregarded her communication with Roi.

“You make a big fuss about Martel, and you don’t have a receipt, nothing? I have the whole texts from however long ago, went to eat with him, parked, ate, both of us in our G-wagons parked next to each other,” she stated.

Marlo then said she might reach out to Roi to see if he was transparent about their time together.

“Because that is the right thing to do,” Sheree replied.

But just as Sheree commented, Marlo said Roi likely didn’t tell Kenya, because if he did, she “wouldn’t have shown his face” on the episode.

“Is that the kind of guy you wanna date?” Sheree wondered.

As for Kenya, she said in her own RHOA: After Show segment that Roi “did not slide in [Marlo’s] DMs.”

“What she did not say, her lying a–, is they originally met in the restaurant,” Kenya revealed. “Marlo and a friend of his were in his restaurant and that’s when he first met her, and then they took a lunch is what he calls it. That wasn’t a damn date. As soon as I heard I was like, ‘Girl that was not a date. You did not get a steak. You did not get a callback. That was a meet and greet!’”

Kenya went on to say that even if it was a date, it confirmed to Roi that Marlo “ain’t the one.”

“Now I got him so thank you for that,” she continued.

Kenya also added of Roi, “He was like ‘I would never date her. She is not my type.’”

“He is classy. He would never say anything that would offend someone but he was very, very upset that she was saying that it was a date,” she shared.

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