Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 Reunion Seating Chart

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 reunion is underway, and Bravo just dropped the seating chart! We appreciate that we don’t have to rely on “inside sources” trying to piece together the seating arrangement. Bravo just straight-up tells the world who is sitting in what spot. For that, we are grateful. But this year’s reunion seating chart has some surprising placements. Let’s break it down.

Who’s taking the first seat?

For Season 15, the coveted first seats next to Andy Cohen went to Drew Sidora and Shereé Whitfield. Drew landing a spot next to Andy should be expected. After all, she’s going to have a lot of explaining to do about her split from Ralph Pittman and their race to divorce court.

On the other hand, Shereé seated next to Andy seems odd. Yes, she’s an OG, but on the surface, she hasn’t had a significant role in the drama this season. In defense of her first seat placement, it’s worth considering that she has served as an anchor for this cast. From the healing journey to Portugal to the Gucci brunch, she’s trying to keep the balance between the newbies and the veterans. She’s also been throwing a lot of jabs from the confessional chair, which she’ll need to own up to at the Season 15 reunion.

Sitting next to Shereé is Marlo Hampton. A middle seat is perfect for her. It’s even better that she’s next to Shereé. As other cast members turned their backs on Marlo, Shereé has been her biggest ally this season.

Finally, rounding out the right side of the couch is Sanya Richards-Ross. It’s not surprising to see her on the outskirts of the reunion couch. No one even needs to pretend to be shocked. Outside of the drama with her family/employees, she’s been a non-factor in the group dynamic. The only thing we expect from Sanya at this reunion is for Kenya Moore to read her to the ground for flip-flopping so much this season.

On the subject of Kenya, she’s seated on the left couch, wedged between Drew and Kandi Burruss. Kenya could command any seat, but what’s extra shocking is Kandi’s placement on the couch. She’s all the way off to the left side! She’s the Sanya of the left couch.

Seeing Kandi so far down on the couch is odd for a few reasons. First of all, this is a historic season for her — she has officially solidified her place in the Housewives Hall of Fame as the Housewife with the longest consecutive run on the show. She’s an honorary OG, and they should treat her as such.

This placement is also odd for Kandi since she has been central to so much drama in Season 15. Courtney Rhodes, Marlo, and Shereé have all tried to stir up trouble with Kandi. Still, she’s on the far side of the couch this time around.

Ultimately, this seating chart reflects the dynamic we saw in the group after Marlo and Kandi fell out. The right couch consists of all of the women who were Team Marlo, and the left couch is everyone who was Team Kandi. Let’s see how this all shakes out.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo, Sunday nights at 8/7c.


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