Nicola Peltz wore jorts and now we honestly want a pair

If Nicola Peltz says something is in fashion, it’s in fashion. And if Hailey Bieber is also wearing the same thing, you know it’s an item that must be added to your wish list immediately. 

Nicola is currently enjoying some downtime with Brooklyn Beckham, her brother Greg and father Nelson Peltz, and of course she is doing so in the utmost stylish manner. 

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Nicola shared the image to her Instagram story
Nicola shared the image to her Instagram story

Ensuring we are kept updated with her enviable vacation and her excellent sartorial agenda (if you missed her cool-girl spin on cowgirlcore recently, you missed out), the Welcome to Chippendales actress posted another slew of stylish photos to her Instagram, and she has officially made us want to own a pair of jorts.

Nicola paired her dark denim, slightly oversized pair with a fitted aqua blue T-shirt and silver arm cuffs on either forearm – the ultimate elevated off-duty look.

What are jorts?

Jort is a portmanteau of jean and shorts. They are mid-length, often finishing on the knee, and (as with many fashion trends right now) are completely retro. 

In the late 1960s when mainstream fashion represented freedom, and mini skirts and skin-baring bikinis started to appear on sartorial agendas, people began chopping the legs off of their jeans to create a shorter hemline.  

Since then, they’ve dipped in and out of fashion constantly – from Madonna in 1989 to Beyonce in 2006. 

Beyonce wearing fitted jorts in 2006© Getty
Beyonce wearing fitted jorts in 2006

Though the phrase has only been in our sartorial lexicon for around 50 years, the shorts have most certainly made their mark as an iconic fashion piece. 

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 16: Hailey Bieber is seen on June 16, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images )© Getty
Hailey Bieber wearing jorts in June 2023

Hailey Bieber has made jorts her summer staple in 2023. Not only does she own them in multiple colours, she has paired them with a plethora of looks, proving the versatility of the relaxed fit shorts. From socks and fisherman sandals to Adidas Sambas, lace vests and white T-shirts.

If you’re looking for a shorts to pair with everything in your wardrobe, look no further.

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