Much-loved TikTok family ‘devastated’ as viral ItsDaddyMay account banned

A much-loved family of TikTok content creators have been left ‘devastated’ after the platform banned the Mays’ viral account.

The May family comprises of Roland ‘Daddy’ May and Mrs May along with their four children Charlie, Cooper, Clark and Dulcie. Each member of the family, apart from youngest daughter Dulcie, has their own personal TikTok account and they all would come together to share content on @itsdaddymay.

From family dinners to days out and children’s first driving lessons to birthday celebrations, the May family documented their life to nearly two million followers, who have also been left heartbroken at news of the account’s ban on Wednesday.

In an emotional video shared on his DaddyMayCooks account, Roland said: “If you don’t know, the family account has been banned, not just from posting, but permanently banned, wiped off TikTok. Can’t believe it really. Genuinely gutted.

“I’ve appealed it but just had an email saying appeal not successful, so I think that’s it. It was just about to hit 1.7 million followers, nearly 140 million likes. I honestly didn’t think it would go, it hadn’t had any account warnings, anything.”


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Roland theorised that a short clip of 17-year-old son Charlie holding a bottle of cider in the family back garden may have been the reason TikTok took issue with the account and issued the sudden ban. As DrinkAware advises, in England “it’s not illegal for someone between the ages of five and 17 to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises”.

Launching a new account, Roland added: “We’ll start going again. The @itsdaddymay account was only a year old and it got to where it did, so who knows where we’ll be this time next year.

“For all those people that report accounts thinking it’s a laugh… you got what you wanted, I suppose.
“For everyone who enjoyed that account, and I get so many messages each day people telling me how much they love the content and how it makes them feel happy. That’s what makes us keep on going, those lovely messages. I’ve had so many this morning with people upset the account is gone. I’m genuinely sorry. I’m as upset as you are. Gutted.”
Followers rushed to the video to demand TikTok ‘bring back’ the @itsdaddymay account and shared that they were ‘gutted’, ‘devastated’ and ‘so sad’.

One user wrote: “So sorry this has happened to you, I love watching you and your family.”

Another added: “No wonder I couldn’t find you. So gutted for you and you are such a lovely family. I love you all. We will get you back up there.”

Sharing a video this morning, Mrs May also spoke out on the ban and shared that it had already had a ‘devastating’ effect on the family.

As she fought back tears, Mrs May said: “I feel a bit subdued this morning. Most of you may know that we had our @itsdaddymay account banned last night. We still don’t really know why.

“I’ve done a bit of research this morning and it’s almost impossible to get to talk to anybody at TikTok to try and sort it out, a lot of online form filling in and appealing.

“They can just outright ban accounts if there’s been a break in conditions or community guidelines, of which we believe we haven’t done either. The account is very family-friendly.

“It’s pretty devastating for our family to be honest. I won’t go into the ins and outs on the impact it will have on us but it appears we have just lost the account and can’t do anything about it, so we can’t get any of our videos back.

“I did wonder if we should try and take it further because of the impact it will have on us and has already had on us. I don’t know if it’s worth it.”

CelebMix has asked TikTok for a comment on the banning of the @itsdaddymay account.

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