Fashion is everything these days. Heck, fashion has always been a meaningful way to express one’s self through style and flair. The women of Real Housewives take their looks to a whole new level, which some viewers could only dream of. When the first show, Real Housewives of Orange County, premiered in 2006, the ladies used their own spandex dresses or business attire to film their confessionals. Thankfully, much has changed in the last 16 years, and the women’s fashion tips have improved, for the most part. 

Between animal prints, feathers, bedazzled jewels, and Giovanni dresses, the trends have changed as quickly as some of the Real Housewives stars’ loyalty. There have always been a few Bravo personalities who like to take the risk and wear something daring. But there have also been some who enjoy the understated look. Either way, the franchises, at times, could be a runway show in their own right, as the women flaunt what they got. These are the most stylish Real Housewives who regularly turn heads with their fashion sense.

Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton/Instagram

The ‘friend of’ turned Real Housewives of Atlanta star has always had a strong fashion game. The self-proclaimed fashionista never steps out in the same outfit twice. Marlo Hampton is making her mark on Atlanta as the peach who can’t stop, no, won’t stop showing off and out. Marlo’s ability to accessorize is one of her God-given gifts. She doesn’t often ignores the advice of Coco Chanel, especially when it comes to taking one item off before leaving home. 

Marlo dressed for the occasion since she stepped foot into the Real Housewives world and gets to snag designer exclusives. Viewers were jealous as the current season showed Marlo driving up to the luxury mall and having her items placed into her car without breaking a sweat. It also doesn’t hurt that Marlo founded Le’Archive, a warehouse full of her own clothes that she lends out for movies and galas. 

Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Love her or hate her, Erika Jayne can commit to an outfit, making her one of the most stylish Real Housewives. While the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star often goes above and beyond with a fashion choice, she always makes her theme work. Erika owns the 90210 franchise thanks to her fashion, whether she is aiming to look like a Barbie doll or a Parisian in Amsterdam. Erika is also not afraid to embrace her sexy side.

The 52-year-old has no problem showing off a bit of skin in the name of fashion. Throughout the years, she has worn min skirts, Lingerie, and even a skintight latex bodysuit. Erika can spend hours getting ready with her glam squad. However, she doesn’t mind because she’s made it clear that it’s expensive to be her. Now, newly single and performing in Las Vegas, there is no doubt Erika will be stepping up her fashion game.  

Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

Dorit Kemsley will be late for any function as long as the lighting is good to photograph her outfit of the day. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills housewife is known for her love of designer outfits, often choosing to wear a whole look made by just one luxury name like Dior, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton. Dorit’s distinctive eye for fashion captivated viewers when she joined the show in 2016, and she hasn’t disappointed since. 

Dorit also knows the fashion industry inside out, thanks to launching her own line, Beverly Beach by Doirt. It isn’t hard to tell that the mother of two has a genuine love for her threads, as her passion for fashion often shines through her photos. Half the viewers tune in to see which outfit Dorit will wear next, as she isn’t afraid to try something new. It’s no wonder Dorit is often called one of the most stylish Real Housewives.

Karen Huger

Karen Huger/Instagram

The Grand Dame of Real Housewives of Potomac is no stranger to pulling together a good outfit. Karen Huger‘s fashion sense has come a long way, especially with her wigs. It could be argued that Karen dresses the best for her age and knows how to complement her body shape.

With a mixed sense of old and new money, Karen often combines looks that are vintage and right off the runway. Like many housewives, Karen also enjoys attending New York Fashion Week to get a few ideas on improving her closet. 


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