Relationship podcasters seem to become more and more popular every year. Of course, many of these “relationship” podcasts are just platforms for “alpha males” to “dunk” on women. The reason they gain so much traction in the first place is because they appeal to those alt-right susceptibilities.

Fans of The Bachelor and Bachelorette may recall that Nick Viall has a relationship podcast. The two-time Bachelorette runner-up is also coming out with a Dating Advice book. On a recent episode of the Viall Files, Nick referred to Charity Lawson, the current Bachelorette, as a “f*** boy magnet.”

Nick also went on to say Charity was kissing the men far more than she was having conversations with them. This, in his eyes, hindered her ability to make a connection. Yeesh. Nick, like many relationship podcasters, takes the stance of an objective critic. But many could see his comments for what they were, including Charity.

Charity fires back at Nick on Threads

Charity took to her Threads account on Thursday, July 20, to share a generalized yet pointed message. She wrote, “Maybe it’s time we stop getting Dating advice from unqualified tv personalities who like bashing women for the sake of views.” The replies knew exactly who Charity was referring to.

As one user wrote, “The fact that everyone knows who you’re talking about without having to say his name is TELLING.” Yes, it was clear that Charity was talking about Nick in the wake of his comments toward her. Nearly all the replies showed a huge outpouring of support for Charity and her take.

One reply warned her, “he definitely going to be like ‘I’m sorry you feel that but I’m just going off on what I see on screen’ & then invite you on his podcast to ‘tell your side of the story’ … for views,” further cautioning, “Don’t do it girl Issa set up.” It’s almost funny how predictable these relationship podcasters have become.

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Captain Lee Rosbach

I could watch this crew for years.

No wonder their podcast is called Separation Anxiety.

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Where have we seen this before?

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