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Minx is making its triumphant season 2 return on July 21 after STARZ saved the show from cancellation. Shelly and Bambi’s story is far from over, and now we’re going to witness the next chapter following the evolution of their Relationship from platonic to romantic. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Lennon Parham and Jessica Lowe about where Shelly and Bambi go from here. (Note: This interview took place prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike.)

Lennon Parham Jessica Lowe
Lennon Parham and Jessica Lowe as Shelly and Bambi. (STARZ)

“The end of season 1 we were getting to be really good friends and that led to some other fun stuff where we became more than friends. I think it really scared Shelly ultimately, and I think she retreated into herself and shut it down. She’s recommitting to her husband at the end of season 1, so season 2 she is trying as hard as she can to not see Bambi,” Lennon told HollywoodLife during the show’s press junket. “She’s not going to the office. She’s trying to double down on her life with her husband and her kids, and Bambi seeks her out. It’s like a will-they-or-won’t-they in a lot of ways. Their relationship really has a beautiful arc in this season I think for where we ultimately come to an understanding. Of course, it’s also funny.”

Jessica added, “I’m giving her space because I know that she wants it, but I would much prefer to be with my sweet Shelly.”

Shelly really began to explore her evolving sexuality over the course of the first season, and her relationship with Bambi really helped Shelly break free from the strict societal norms of the 1970s. “Shelly goes on quite a journey, and a lot of it is about sexual exploration and ultimately results in her making a pretty big decision,” Lennon revealed.

At the end of Minx season 1, Bottom Dollar Publications is in a terrible state. With Joyce now fully in charge of Minx, it’s the dawn of a new era. But where does Bambi fit in?

The cast of ‘Minx’ season 2. (STARZ)

“I think Bambi is very lost. She has no idea what her purpose is,” Jessica said. “She lost her love. I think she’s trying to find her place and see what kind of role she can step into at Bottom Dollar. She tries to be a businesswoman… fails. And then she tries to find some sort of familial connection, and that’s what she’s seeking at the end of the season.”

Minx’s first season was a Max original, but it was canceled by the streamer while season 2 was in production. A month later, STARZ picked up the show. Lennon noted that it’s “so meaningful that our work is resonating.” She added, “It’s such a fun escape I think, and season 2 takes it to a whole new level.”

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