Megan Fox pushed into a barrier as Machine Gun Kelly gets attacked during outing; Details inside

A day out at the Orange County Fair turned tense for Relationship-has-hit-rock-as-megan-fox-moves-out-admits-breakup-rumors-1219135″ onclick=”triggerArticleInterlinkClick(‘article_interlink_click’,’Megan Fox pushed into a barrier as Machine Gun Kelly gets attacked during outing; Details inside’,’1231361′,’′,’articlepage’,’/entertainment/hollywood/megan-fox-pushed-into-a-barrier-as-machine-gun-kelly-gets-attacked-during-outing-details-inside-1231361′,’Megan Fox ‘,’Content Inline Link’,’entertainment’,’hollywood’);”>Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as they found themselves caught in the middle of a scuffle. Witnesses report that the Couple‘s bodyguard had to step in to defend them when a man attempted to punch the I Think I’m OKAY singer. The incident resulted in Megan being pushed into a barricade, but the Good Mourning star swiftly came to her aid.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s outing takes an unexpected twist

According to a report in TMZ, witnesses claimed that as the couple was getting off a ride, a man approached Machine Gun Kelly and attempted to physically attack him. In a video shared on TikTok, the aftermath of the incident was captured. While attempting to protect Machine Gun Kelly, the bodyguard accidentally pushed Megan Fox into a nearby barrier, causing her to stumble back. Thankfully, MGK was quick to help her regain her balance, and the couple safely moved away from the scene.

Fortunately, the bodyguard’s quick actions helped diffuse the situation, and both Megan and Machine Gun Kelly were safely escorted away from the scene. While the details surrounding the motive for the alleged attack remain unclear, it was a tense moment for the couple and those present at the fair.

As news of the incident spread, fans expressed their concern and support for Megan and MGK on social media. Many praised the couple’s bodyguard for his timely intervention and for ensuring their safety. However, some fans also expressed their frustration over the lack of respect for the couple’s privacy, as public outings often attract unwanted attention.

According to a report in, representatives for both Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were reached out for their comments on the matter. However, at the time of reporting, there was no response from their teams.

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Megan and MGK Going strong despite rumors

Despite this unsettling public outing, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been enjoying a series of more relaxed and low-key evenings together. From romantic dates in London to cozy movie nights closer to home, the couple continues to prove that they are going strong, debunking earlier breakup rumors.

Earlier this year, rumors circulated suggesting that Machine Gun Kelly may have been unfaithful, with speculations about his band member Sophie Lloyd. However, both Megan and MGK promptly shut down the claims. Megan took to social media to dispel the rumors, stating, “There has been no third party reference in this relationship of any kind.” The Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen alum urged the media to stop spreading baseless stories and to respect their privacy.

In the midst of the paparazzi and public scrutiny, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly continue to navigate their relationship and reportedly have started planning for a wedding. As this incident unfolds, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments. 

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