Mauricio Umansky


Mauricio Umansky.

Mauricio Umansky had fans doing a double-take after he posted new photos of himself.  On July 14, 2023, the husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards shared a series of Instagram photos of his body transformation over the past several years.

The post came two weeks after Umansky’s separation from Richards was made public. The Couple married 27 years ago, but on July 3, 2023, People magazine reported that they “have been separated for a while now.” Richards and Umansky, who remain living together in their Encino, California, mansion,  have denied that they are planning to divorce at this time.

Kyle Richards Reacted to Mauricio Umansky’s Workout Photos

Umansky’s post-split Instagram post featured recent photos of him posing shirtless in his home gym. The Agency founder, 53, wore a backward baseball cap and gym shorts as she showed off his abs in two mirror selfies. A third throwback photo showed a heavier Umansky posing by a pool with a  glass of wine in hand.

In the caption to the post, Umansky noted that he had planned to post the photos around his birthday, which was June 25th, but that he was away at the time and that the separation “noise” came right after. He then added that the post was meant to motivate him.

“6 years ago I was fat and out of shape,” he wrote. “The plan is to get better every year. I need to post this to keep me going and every guy know you don’t post unless you just worked out and are all pumped up lol.”

Richards chimed in the comment section to joke that Umansky’s weight loss must be from a  weight loss drug, as she has been accused of. “Must be Ozempic,” she wrote with the wink and crying- laughing emoji.

Umansky responded with three crying-laughing  emoji and the comment “must be.”

Other commenters felt there was more behind  Umansky’s post.

“He trying to get his woman back. #hotboysummer🔥 ,” one follower wrote.

“I  mean or he’s looking for a new wifey 😬 in which case he looks 🔥,” another chimed in.

And others claimed they actually preferred Umansky’s “dad bod.”

“The 6 year ago Mau still was giving zaddy vibes,” came another comment.

Umansky’s weight loss comes as Richards has gotten into her best shape ever through intense workouts and a revamped diet.

Mauricio Umansky Has Talked About His Workout Routine in the Past

Anyone who follows Umansky on social media knows that he didn’t just jump on the workout bandwagon. In the past, he has posted IG stories from his home gym, which features a treadmill, Peloton bike, and a massive workout bench and weight set as well as other equipment.

In a March 2023 interview with Pickleball magazine, Umansky also revealed that he’s an avid pickleball player and also sometimes joins Richards for her early morning workouts.

“I wake up every morning, and the first thing I do is exercise to set the tone for my day both physically and mentally,” Umansky told the magazine earlier in 2023.

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