Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are putting those not-so-rosy rumors to rest.

The Bachelor alums recently shut down speculation that they’d broken up and offered an explanation to fans who felt like they had been M.I.A. from each other’s social media pages. Ultimately, Matt suggested they sometimes want to unplug for the right reasons.

“I think everybody needs to take a break from social media,” he exclusively told E! News at a July 18 event in New York to promote their partnership with Baskin-Robbins. “Our lives are lived so much in front of our phones that when anybody steps out of being on their phone 24/7, people think it’s the end of the world. But it’s honestly, the best time for people to rejuvenate and to enjoy summer.”

It also just comes down to something as simple as quality alone time.

“I think that we do a lot of things together, and it’s important for us to also be able to do things separately as well,” Rachael added. “I hope that people can love us both as a couple but also individually and support things that we do together and also things that we do on our own. Because I think that’s where a lot of people freak out about is that they’re not seeing us together 24/7.”

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