Maria Menounos, who revealed in May she was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer, showed her surgery scars in a bikini selfie via Instagram on July 9. “I look back on the surgery and am grateful for the strength God blessed me with to get through it and of course for all of the beautiful humans He sent to help me, too!” the 45-year-old captioned the snap. “Now I see the scars that I sunscreen up carefully to protect, and I smile,” she added with a heart emoji. The TV personality underwent surgery in February to remove a tumor, part of her pancreas, her spleen, a large fibroid and 17 lymph nodes. 

The news came six years after she was treated for a benign brain tumor. “I was feeling so good, and then I got slapped in the face with a new diagnosis,” says Maria, who notes the prognosis is good. She has more happy news to share, too: She and her husband, Keven Undergaro, welcomed a baby girl via surrogate. “God granted me a miracle. I’m going to appreciate having her in my life so much more than I would have before this journey.”

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