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Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin’s daughter, Mady Gosselin, 22, has made shocking accusations about her younger brother, Collin Gosselin, 19, who she is Relationship-brothers-sisters/” data-analytics-trigger=”article-body-link”>estranged from. Mady said she felt the need to come forward with her allegations after Collin spoke out against Kate in an episode of Dark Side of the 2000s, which was titled, “Jon & Kate: Family Circus.” “I’ve been overwhelmed by hate messages the last few days and I feel I must set the record straight,” Mady wrote on her Instagram Story.

To begin her statement, Mady did not name names, but claimed that she and other members of her immediate family had been “physically threatened” by someone, in incidents that dated as recently as last year. She eventually specified that Collin was who she was making accusations about.

“I will never allow someone who has exhibited hateful and even violent behavior towards others based in their racial identity, gender identity, or religious beliefs to be in my life,” Mady insisted. “Kindness, tolerance, love and acceptance are core values in my life and I refuse to compromise them for ANYONE, even my brother Collin, who has unfortunately made his opinions very clear in private.”

Mady did not go into specifics about the alleged opinions she was referring to. However, she reiterated that she does not plan to rehabilitate her relationship with her younger brother, claiming that he “reached the point of physical violence and hate speech.” HollywoodLife has reached out to a lawyer for Jon Gosselin, who had custody of Collin before he turned 18, for comment.

Collin has been estranged from six of his seven siblings since he was sent to a psychiatric facility in 2016. He eventually moved in with Jon, who was awarded sole physical and legal custody of the then-minor in 2018. Hannah Gosselin, another one of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets, also moved in with her dad. Mady and her twin sister, Cara Gosselin, lived with Kate and the four other sextuplets — Alexis Gosselin, Aaden Gosselin, Joel Gosselin and Leah Gosselin — before leaving for college.

While appearing on Dark Side of the 2000s, Collin blamed Kate for his estrangement from six of his siblings. He claimed that Kate sent him to the psychiatric facility because he was starting to tell others that she was allegedly abusive. “She caught wind of that and had to put me somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to get the secrets out,” Collin alleged. He also claimed that Kate told his siblings “the story one way,” which allegedly “drove a social barrier” between them. HollywoodLife reached out to a rep for Kate for comment on these accusations, as well.

Kate has previously denied Collin’s abuse claims, telling Good Morning America in 2016, “I’ve been investigated many times. It’s always unfounded, obviously.” She has also steadfastly insisted that the reason she sent Collin to the facility was because of advice from doctors.

Meanwhile, Hannah has backed up some of Collin’s claims about Kate. Although she did not make abuse allegations, she said that Kate “separated” Collin from the rest of the siblings. “He would not get to come outside and play with us,” she said on Dark Side of the 2000s. “He would eat dinner at different times than us. I don’t think effort was made in the home to help him learn what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable.”

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