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Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards

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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter returned for an all-new season, on a new night, on Wednesday July 19, and it made us realize how much we’ve missed Maci Bookout, Cheyenne Floyd, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, Ashley Jones, and Leah Messer. The latter three women weren’t actually in this first episode of the season, but we still got caught up with all of the ladies thanks to their continued group video chats and solo storylines. Want to know what happened this week? Get all the details below!

Maci Bookout

Maci started this season by mending her Relationship with ex Ryan Edwards. When the episode began, they were talking again and co-parenting to the best of their abilities for the sake of their son, Bentley. This, of course, was filmed before Ryan’s latest arrest. Following their emotional conversation at the Teen Mom Family Reunion reunion, Maci said she wanted to give things another go with Ryan so Bentley could try to have some sort of relationship with his father. Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney wasn’t happy about it because Ryan’s only ever been a “dark cloud” over the family since he met Maci, and he said Ryan would probably disappoint Maci and Bentley again (maybe he’s a psychic), but he ultimately left the decision-making up to Maci. In the end, Ryan and Bentley went to dinner together — one-on-one — but Maci and Ryan didn’t want cameras filming it.

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra felt their octagon house had gotten too small for their growing family, so they went looking for a bigger house. Their realtor sent them a “fancy” house that seemed “too adult” for them, but they went to look at it anyway. The kids seemed to like all the bedrooms and space the house had, so Catelynn and Tyler put in an offer. And obviously, their offer got accepted. We don’t think producers would have filmed the house had Catelynn and Tyler not known they were going to get it.

Briana DeJesus

Briana went to visit Jade this week, and Devoin Austin — who just completed a stint in the same rehab that Jade’s fiance Sean Austin went to — tagged along. It’s the first time Briana and Devoin were traveling alone together, so she was a bit nervous, but also excited. She and Devoin had been getting along since he sobered up, and she’s now pronouncing his name correctly (finally). Anyway, once in Jade’s home state, the four of them went on a “double Date” of sorts, and then Devoin asked Briana if he could sleep with her. It wasn’t clear if he meant he wanted to have sex with her or not, so the next day, while Briana was out wedding dress shopping with Jade, she asked for clarification, and Devoin confirmed that yes, he was shooting his shot. While she seemed flattered and into it a bit, she said she’s too toxic to be in a relationship right now.

Jade Cline

Like we said, Jade went wedding dress shopping this week and her mom, Christy, caused some drama — obviously. Not only did Christy make it known that she wasn’t a fan of the dress Jade picked — she said it was too sheer — but she hated the $10K price tag. And this was after Christy acted like she was never given the information about the plan for dress shopping, even though Jade showed Briana a text conversation she had with her mom, in which she gave the time and date to her and Christy said she’d be there. After Jade bought the dress, she and her mom got into a huge argument in the car and Briana was forced to watch it all from the passenger’s seat. Awkward.

Cheyenne Floyd

Newlyweds Cheyenne and Zach Davis finally moved into their new house. But it was a bittersweet moment in their lives because they were immediately hit with bad news when Cheyenne’s ex Cory Wharton revealed his newborn daughter, Maya, needed open heart surgery. Like Ryan Edwards, Cory’s girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, appears to be back on the show after getting fired, so they all came together to discuss the plan for shuffling Ryder around and how Cheyenne and Zach could support Cory and Taylor through everything.

Ambert Portwood

Amber didn’t appear in this week’s episode, but the other girls revealed during a group video chat that Amber told them she needed a little break from everything. Amber told them she was “okay”, she just needed some time away from everyone.

Leah Messer

Leah was also absent from this week’s episode — she also didn’t join the group chat at the start of the episode because she was “picking her kids up from school”.

Ashley Jones

The girls also revealed that because Ashley “left our chat”, following her fight with them on Family Reunion, they had no update on her. She didn’t appear on this week’s episode either.

Want more? New episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter air Wednesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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