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Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague.
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Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague have proven to be a reality TV romance success ever since they found love in the Love Island U.K. villa.

Fury, a professional boxer, was one of the first bombshells of season 5, which aired in June 2019. After exploring his connection with fellow contestant Lucie Donlan, Fury was drawn to Hague several days later after her own late arrival to the Spanish residence. The pair coupled up — and were together until the season finale.

After leaving the villa, Fury and Hague continued Dating and moved in together.

“I do believe we’re soulmates,” Hague, who works as a fashion influencer and blogger, later gushed to Cosmopolitan UK in June 2021. “My parents love him. We’re cringey and mushy, and I like it like that. We know we’re going to be together forever. People speculate that we break up all the time — if Tommy doesn’t like one of my pictures on Instagram, I get DMs asking about it. But we’re so content, like two peas in a pod.”

The twosome later announced in September 2022 that they were expecting their first baby. Their daughter arrived in January 2023.

Keep reading for Fury and Hague’s complete relationship timeline:

June 2019

They were cast as contestants on season 5 of the ITV dating show. After being “coupled up” for one month, Fury asked Hague to be his girlfriend — using her stuffed animal for assistance.

“Dear Mummy. Daddy left me here in his best interests. He wanted me to tell you that you’re his everything. I’m going to leave it with Daddy,” a note pinned to Hague’s toy elephant read. Fury then chimed in, explaining that Hague is “the only girl for me” and proposed they make their romance official.

August 2019

The pair proved their devotion to one another during the dreaded Casa Amor twist (in which girls were sent on a multi-day “mini-break”) and were overjoyed to reunite. They ultimately finished in second place behind now-exes Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague s Relationship Timeline From Love Island U.K. to Parenthood 348

October 2021

The Couple moved into a joint apartment in Manchester, England, after their reality TV tenure. Nearly two years later, they were the victims of a burglary when they were out of town. Hague recapped the terrifying ordeal in a YouTube video the following November, noting their home had been “robbed, ransacked and emptied.”

“It was a down time in our life — but we got through it,” Fury later told The Sun. “We don’t dwell on it and we put it to the back of our mind. It is what it is. … When I’m not at home I do worry about Molly but I try to put it to the back of my mind otherwise it will affect me and my job. I won’t let them win. Molly is safe and sound and that’s my mindset — positivity. I don’t live my life wondering ‘what if this happens?’ You can’t think like that.”

March 2022

Fury and Hague purchased their dream home in Manchester one year later — and several months before learning that she was pregnant with their first baby.

January 2023

The couple named their baby girl Bambi after the classic Disney film.

“I can’t believe we get to keep you forever. Becoming your mum has been the best thing to ever happen to me,” Hague gushed via Instagram Story at the time. “It doesn’t seem possible but my love for you grows with each passing moment. There is no feeling like holding you in my arms little one, my heart literally explodes. Thank you for entering this world sagely for us and blessing us with the gift of being your parents. We promise to love and care for you unconditionally forever.”

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague s Relationship Timeline From Love Island U.K. to Parenthood 350
Courtesy of Molly-Mae Hague/ Instagram

July 2023

The duo appeared in a Netflix teaser for Tommy’s brother, Tyson Fury’s new docuseries At Home With the Furys about his post-retirement life. (Tyson, like Tommy, is also a professional boxer.)

“Do you feel ready to become a dad?” Hague quipped in the clip before Tommy chimed in that he was ready to “be right there” in the delivery room to cut the umbilical cord.

The series is slated to premiere one month later in August.

Less than one week later, Tommy proposed to Hague with their daughter, Bambi, in his arms on July 23. “Forever 💍😭,” they captioned footage from the proposal via Instagram.

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