Love Is Blind’s Zach and Bliss Bring Pets Home After Allergy Issues

Love Is Blind's Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi Bring Dog and Cat Back Home

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi.
Courtesy of Zack Goytowski/Instagram

After several months of allergy struggles, Love Is Blind’s Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi finally brought their furry friends back home.

“You won’t believe the rollercoaster of a journey we’ve been on to bring these two fur babies home. From my childhood, I’ve had allergies to cats, dogs, and horses that really shut my breathing down,” Goytowski, 32, wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, July 26. “After Bliss and I got married, we knew we wanted to share our home with these amazing creatures, but my allergies were off the charts. The first night I came to Bliss’s home, I had an allergy attack that left me gasping for air.”

After going to an allergist, Goytowski was diagnosed with “allergy-induced asthma” which meant that his allergies were “actually threatening” his ability to breathe. He added that because of the news that Bliss made the “heartbreaking decision” to give up her beloved pets to her mom and sister.

Goytowski continued: “But you can’t stop love. We were determined to find a way to bring them home, to make our family complete. So, we embarked on this colossal undertaking of almost a year of immunotherapy, going to the doctor and getting allergy shots twice a week. It was tough. But love pushes you to do things you never thought possible. I really never thought this would be possible but I had to try for Bliss.”

Goytowski concluded his post by announcing that he found a way to have the pets move back in with him and Poureetezadi. “These two fur babies bring Bliss so much happiness, and seeing that joy in her eyes makes every moment of this challenging journey worth it,” he gushed.

Poureetezadi, for her part, left a sweet comment to her husband on the post, saying “Thank you for the sacrifices you make for us! We adore you! THE best puppy/kitten dad ever! ❤️❤️❤️.”

The Couple — who tied the knot on the finale of LiB season 4, which aired in March — recently celebrated their one year anniversary in May.

“A year ago today when I uttered those two words, I do, I was already in awe of Bliss. She embodied everything I had ever wished for in a wife,” Goytowski captioned an Instagram carousel dedicated to Poureetezadi. “But over the next year I would learn she is so much more than I ever could have imagined. She always finds beauty and meaning in the smallest things, like the sigh a puppy makes when it’s overwhelmed with happiness. She never gives up on her goals, no matter how hard they are.”

Poureetezadi also shared a snap of the duo to her Instagram Story, writing “Happy anniversary to the love of my life! 1 year of us has been the best time of my life!”

The duo met in the pods on the Netflix series and hit it off instantly, however, Goytowski ultimately chose to propose sight unseen to Irina Solomonova. The twosome pursued their Relationship in person during the cast’s Mexico getaway where Goytowski soon realized that he still was in love with Poureetezadi.

“I would say I made a mistake with not picking Bliss [in the first place], and I think that was the real mistake,” Goytowski exclusively told Us Weekly in March. “I knew that when I ended it [with Irina] and was kind of dealing with that. I don’t know how much you could see of the turmoil that I was going through, but when I did end it, then my very first thing was I wanted to go and tell [producers] to bring [Bliss] back and that I had made the wrong choice, but I knew I had to live with the decision.”

Poureetezadi ended up forgiving him and the pair made it to their wedding day and both said “I do” in May 2022.

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