Love Actually may have been mainly focused on England-based romances — but it proved time and again that love is all around!

The rom-com begins five weeks before Christmas and takes viewers on multiple journeys of love and romance. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, 10 separate stories are told. The thing that binds them all together? Love.

Nearly two decades later, the heartwarming story still resonates with fans who feel it in their fingers and feel it in their toes.

Keira [Knightley] was cast for the youthfulness and cheerfulness of her spirit, and she is still like that. Bill [Nighy] is everlastingly young and irresponsible; Liam [Neeson] terribly paternal,” creator Richard Curtis told The New York Times  in May 2017, after reuniting with the cast for a Red Nose Day short film. “Hugh Grant behaved well for one week of the original shoot, very badly for the rest, and did exactly the same thing over one day now. It’s rather reassuring.”

Scroll down to see what some of the main characters in Love Actually have been up to since the film’s 2003 release.

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