Larsa Pippen, 49, recently revealed that she has no shame when it comes to snooping through her partner’s phone and despite Marcus Jordan, 32, stating he’s unafraid of the concept, he admitted that “it’s a dangerous game.”

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On the latest episode of their Separation Anxiety podcast, Larsa admitted she adopted the “toxic trait” from “one of her good friends back in the day” and said she uses it as a method to discover the true character of her lover.

“I feel like if you really want to know what someone’s about or on, you got to kinda go through their phone,” she shared. “It’s a toxic trait… I’m not advising this for everyone because we prepared it might be ugly and might be traumatizing. But I definitely like to look through [the phone].”

She added, “I want to go through your phone, I want to see what you’re about because people show you a version of them, but not their entire thing and I like to know what I signed up for.”

Larsa declared she is “willing to take whatever is on there” but Marcus dubbed it “a dangerous game,” and warned, “You gotta be ready for anything and everything at that point.”

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Marcus went on to explain that women in his past searched through his phone and it left a bad taste in his mouth, “I feel like in previous Relationships too. My exes or whatever have wanted to go through my phone and so maybe that’s what’s turned me off of trying to go through somebody else’s phone because I feel like, you know, you’re either with me or you’re not. You know what I’m saying?”

“I’m with you”, Larsa told Marcus before doubling down, “I just want to see your phone.”

Marcus said he isn’t hesitant about the reality star searching through the contents of his phone and noted that they even have the same passcode to unlock them

“I know I like going through your phone sometimes,” said Larsa and Marcus quipped, “Maybe one of these days, I’ll go to your phone. I’m going to go through that OnlyFans and see what popping on there.”

The Bravo star said her celly is fair game, “As you should, I’m very transparent and open with my life.”

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Discuss Relationship, Michael Jordan’s “Disapproval”

On a previous episode of the pair’s podcast, the Real Housewife of Miami said she was not only “embarrassed” but “traumatized” after Marcus’ famed father Michael Jordan publicly proclaimed he didn’t approve of Larsa Dating Marcus.


As previously reported a TMZ photog pressed the NBA icon about the budding relationship between the two, who have a 16-year age gap and he gave a definitive “no” when asking if he approved.

Elsewhere in the podcast, the former basketball wife admitted it “probably is awkward” not only for Michael but her ex, Scottie Pippen. The basketball titans were Chicago Bulls teammates and the “narrative” that Marcus is dating Larsa to “get back” at Scottie for his comments about his father, although untrue, could be unsettling.

“At the root of it all obviously is my dad’s relationship with your ex Scottie. Obviously, we never talk about that and I don’t think my dad wanted to comment on that.” Marcus shared.

“There’s always that narrative, the rumor that I’m dating you in some sort of way to get back at whatever was said, and if my dad comes out and says, ‘Yes,’ he’s fuelling that narrative or whatever.” He added, “I think he said no just in a joking way, knowing how Jordans play around, and so I thought it was funny from the jump.”

Marcus admitted his dad’s goal “has always been to steer clear of our relationship.”


The cougar and Marcus confirmed their relationship in January via Instagram by posting a pic of themselves at a floral installation of his dad’s legendary Chicago Bulls jersey.

Maybe this is why people thought y’all were being messy from the jump but it’s possible the Couple were simply living their lives and didn’t give much thought to the implications.

The reality TV star divorced Scottie in 2021 after 24 years of marriage. The exes share four children — Sophia, 14, Justin, 18, Preston, 21, and Scotty Jr., 22.

Will Larsa and Marcus have some little Jordans rockin’ Nike Dunks soon?

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We shall see but if one of them stumbles upon some flagrant messages or photos in their partner’s phone, the pitter-patter of little feet might not happen.

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