Kroy Biermann Accuses Kim of Gambling Away $1.5 Milli

RHOA: Police bodycam video shows Kroy Biermann accusing Kim of “decimat[ing]” their savings, and gambling away “1.5 million.”

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In police bodycam footage from a May 4 incident, Kroy Biermann called his wife Kim Zolciak a “narcissist to the extreme level,” as well as a “compulsive behavior addict” who “decimated” Kroy’s savings.

According to the outlet, authorities were called to their Georgia mansion after the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum accused her husband of locking up her passport and some designer purses in a basement safe.

Kroy alleged the items were considered community property. The incident occurred days before they filed for divorce. Since then, the Couple has decided to reconcile.

In a different video on the same day, Kim was seen crying, and she stated “something is wrong” with Kroy, who she called “aggressive.”

The new video, obtained by Radar, seems to shed more light on what triggered the split. At one point, a police officer asked Kroy to get the previous items from their safe.

When the officer asked how long he and Kim had been struggling, Kroy glanced up the staircase as if to make sure Kim couldn’t hear, and he answered, “It’s probably been going on for pretty much our entire marriage and it’s gotten significantly worse.”

The athlete continued, “In the last two years, she’s gambled away $700,000 — just in the last two-and-a-half years. The total in the marriage was about $1.5 million dollars — and she does it online.”

Kroy described her gambling as against the law. “The problem is these are the assets, there are no assets to go to (inaudible),” said the 37-year-old. “She has decimated everything.”

He alleged his wife’s strange behavior was due to her narcissism. When asked if he still slept with Kim, Kroy said yes, adding, “But I don’t engage with her.”

Meanwhile, a source speaking to PEOPLE addressed the couple’s “complicated” reconciliation.

“They’re still all over the place,” said the insider. “They’re back together, but it’s complicated. Everyday is a new day for them.”

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