Name: Kohrra

Director: Randeep Jha

Cast: Barun Sobti, Suvinder Vicky

Rating: 4/5


A non-resident Indian, Paul, is murdered in the fields of Punjab, days before his wedding. The murder investigation is carried out by two police officers, Garundi (Barun Sobti) and Balbir Singh (Suvinder Vicky). The duo interrogate Paul’s family and acquaintances, and keep finding leads one after the other that help them learn about what exactly happened on the night of the murder.

What works:
Kohrra is raw, rustic, real and gritty. It stays absolutely true to its meaning. The show is a slowburn Relationship drama with the backdrop of a murder, that never loses grip even for a brief. There is no scene in the show that feels unrequired. Every scene that leads up to the finale has significance. The world that’s created is fascinating. It delves into themes like love, sexuality, class, migration and family through the course of the murder investigation, very effectively. Director Randeep Jha is in total control of the subject matter and is able to extract the best out of his actors. The human dynamics are explored beautifully. The camera work and cinematography is brilliant and it makes the show very immersive to watch as a viewer. Kohrra has the ability to linger in the mind, long after it is watched and that is its greatest strength.


What doesn’t:
There’s practically nothing that doesn’t work in Kohrra.

Suvinder Vicky as Balbir Singh is outstanding as the investigating police officer. He has a towering screen presence. He essays his role to perfection and certainly is the pick of the actors in this must-watch series.
Barun Sobti as police inspector Garundi is in total control of his craft. He adapts well to the tone and setting of Kohrra and leaves nothing left to be desired.
Every other actor only enhances the show in some way or the other.

Kohrra is an instant classic and is a show that should be a part of everyone’s watchlist. The way it tries to explore several themes and dynamics through a cold-blooded murder in the fields of Punjab is remarkable. Kohrra is now streaming on Netflix.

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