Kit Connor admits he’d ‘annoyingly’ feel ‘self-conscious’ about romancing a girl

Kit Connor says he’d “annoyingly” feel “self-conscious” about Dating a girl.

Kit Connor says he’d ‘annoyingly’ feel ‘self-conscious’ about dating a girl

Kit Connor says he’d ‘annoyingly’ feel ‘self-conscious’ about dating a girl

The ‘Heartstopper’ actor, 19, announced on Twitter in November he is bisexual amid fierce speculation on social media about his sexual orientation, and he has admitted he may now be “less open” if he decided to go out with a female.

He told The Guardian in an interview in which he refused to say who he is or isn’t dating: “I would (be self-conscious about dating a girl) – annoyingly. I would be more conscious and might be less open about it.”

Kit added about not wanted to be “defined” by his sexuality in his life and career: “Although now I know that I’m queer, I personally don’t find it a super defining factor.

“I wouldn’t want to be defined by ‘queer actor’. I want to play all parts. “Hopefully, I can do that if my career lasts, if I flourish. Touch wood.”

Despite shooting to global fame thanks to his role as Nick Nelson in Netflix love story ‘Heartstopper’ – based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, 28, about two schoolboys navigating their first queer Relationship – Kit says he and the makers were stunned it became a hit with older teens due to its wholesome nature compared to shock teen dramas such as ‘Euphoria’.

He said: “We were surprised anyone was watching it. We don’t have any drugs in this show. We don’t have any sex. We don’t even have vapes. So, yes, it was wild.

“Especially with 18 -year-olds – I thought it might hit a slightly lower age group.

“I was looking at the TV shows people my age were watching, and it was super-saturated with dark, sexual content, pretty stressful-to-watch shows.

“It was called ‘The anti-Euphoria thing’, which was catchy but true.

“I don’t think there’s a lack of queer sex in the media, but a lot of the time when queer people are on screen, especially gay and bisexual men, they are heavily sexualised.

“So, I think there’s something quite nice about the fact that we’re not sexualising it.”

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