Kim Zolciak SOBS While Accusing ‘Aggressive’ Kroy Biermann Of Locking Her Out In New Bodycam Footage Of THAT Bathroom Incident!

Whoa. This is really making us wonder how in the world these two reconciled so quickly.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann had one of the most contentious divorce battles we’ve seen in a long time. The shocking split seemingly came out of nowhere amid the family’s major financial troubles and then for weeks, they were embroiled in a nasty legal fight in which they levied several serious accusations against each other. Whether it was an alleged gambling addiction or claims of substance abuse issues, they each had concerns about the other’s parenting abilities.

Then, there were also several instances of police getting called to their Georgia home in the early days of the breakup. Via police reports, it was clear the Couple was having an incredibly difficult time getting along, and now we’re getting an even more harrowing look into those heated moments.

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Radar Online managed to obtain bodycam footage from a May 2 incident in which cops were called to the couple’s home over a dispute involving the master bathroom. As we previously reported, according to a police report, Kim “was refusing to leave” the master bathroom when the athlete was trying to take a shower, resulting in a big fight.

In several videos recorded that evening and released on Tuesday night, the Don’t Be Tardy lead can be seen sobbing over her “aggressive” husband, who she argued was “f**king crazy.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta star explained she nearly called the cops “a dozen times before” as the former football star had allegedly locked her out of the house and stolen her car keys. Following those incidents, she warned Kroy she’d take action the next time “he does something to me,” which she did.

When the police tried to get an understanding of what happened, Kim could hardly say a word because she was crying so hard. She could be seen in her kitchen leaning against the counter with her face in her hands. Suggesting this kind of behavior has become the norm in her Relationship, the Kashmere Kollections founder noted she had “had enough” and could not “keep doing this all [her] life.” Oof. The 45-year-old’s friend, who was on speaker phone, then helped fill in the details of the turmoil, which has been going on “for a long time,” alleging:

“He has been so aggressive and so ugly. He has been following her around the house and she went down to the basement bedroom.”

The reality star added of the bathroom dispute:

“I deserve to be in this bathroom, [but] he was like, ‘Get out, get out, I want to take a shower,’ but he locked me out, and I can’t get back in.”

Kim went on to claim Kroy had been “screaming in [her] face” throughout the evening, causing her to seek safety in the basement. But she was so afraid of his aggressiveness, she “put a chair on the [basement] door with a lock, and he f**king took cutters or something” to get in. Jeez!

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She added:

“Something’s wrong with his mind. Something’s not right.”

Kim also claimed she had been sleeping in her daughter’s room amid their feuds. When the authorities spoke to the former linebacker outside the home (he was first to speak to authorities that evening), he claimed he just wanted to take a shower in private. He denied trying to stop her from calling the police and claims anything physical happened between them. That said, he did admit, “I might have raised my voice like, ‘Get out!’” He continued:

“I’ve asked her to kindly leave our bedroom so I could shower in privacy because I don’t trust her. She’s refusing to leave. She’s a narcissist, so she’s playing her games.”

Interestingly, he then argued with the police as they were trying to get into the home to speak to Kim, who was the one to place the call. Kroy did not want them to enter until she came outside first. An officer called him out for the “power struggle,” but he insisted he was just sticking up for his rights. He then refused to answer any more questions, claiming Kim crying was a  “manipulation” tactic.

Both parents also noted their “kids were sleeping” at the time of the incident. They share Kroy, 12, Kash, 10, and twins Kane and Kaia, 9, as well as Brielle, 26, and Ariana, 21, whom Kroy adopted when he married into the family. The ex-NFL player also acknowledged he was “in the process of divorcing” Zolciak and “dealing with some difficult issues” at the time of the ordeal.

As we all know, though, just days after this incident, Kim filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” In a wild turn of events on Friday, she decided to call off the split. According to a Page Six source at the time, they managed to see eye-to-eye again:

“Kim and Kroy’s inner circle has been encouraging them to work through their issues. Their friends are optimistic that they’ll be able to really make it work, not just for their kids but because there is still a genuine love between them.”

Wow. It’s hard to see how they went from police calls to reconciling… Check out the footage for yourself (below):

Seems like a toxic situation to us. So sad. What do U think?! Sound OFF (below).

[Image via Milton Police Department/Radar Online/YouTube/Picker and Ben/WWHL]

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