Kim Kardashian is giving fans an inside look at how she’s saving some of Kanye West‘s fashion pieces for their children to rock one day. She’s also opening up about how their kids look up to Ye while she shields them from “the mean things that he’s done.”

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Kim Kardashian Admits She’s “Holding Onto” The Old Ye Through His Fashions

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim stopped by one of her storage units to do some organizing and purging. While showing off some of the fashion items she’s collected over the years, she highlighted the many Kanye-related pieces she’s saving.

Kim called the archive a “mix” of Ye’s designs and actual clothes, and she revealed, “I’ve kept every single Yeezy.”

She also held on to various other items, including some College Dropout pieces that she pulled from her “time capsule” for North West. Notably, Kim Kardashian admitted that she is essentially “holding onto” the old Ye.

“For me, I think this is like me holding onto the Kanye that I know.”

She also acknowledged that while Kanye told her to “burn his stuff,” Kim ultimately “kept everything for the kids.”

As a result, she noted, “My kids will have the best memories.” 

Regarding her stance on Kanye and their children, Kim Kardashian sweetly proclaimed, “I had the best dad in the entire world, so I would never want to take that experience away from my kids.”

Kim Speaks On Her Children Idolizing Ye: “Why Would I Take That Away From Them?”

Later, Kendall Jenner chimed in on Kim’s handling of their divorce and his public life. She specifically acknowledged the “calmness” Kim has.

“I don’t know how Kim handles everything with her ex-husband. … I admire the strength and the cool and calmness that she has with it because I just could never. I’d, like, be spiraling,” Kendall said.

Speaking on her approach, Kim Kardashian discussed protecting her children from uncovering Kanye’s antics.

“The kids have no clue. … They think their dad is, like, the best thing and the most amazing thing. And he’s so great with them. Why would I take that away from them because I’m angry? I mean, granted, I have a lot to be angry at, but they don’t know that.”

She also briefly referenced her brief Relationship with Pete Davidson before noting that, rather than rebounding, it’s better to focus on real healing.

“I definitely jumped into another relationship so fast. It got my mind away from stuff, and that’s not a way to run from things. It’s better to deal, heal, [and feel].”

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