Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has to show a great deal of restraint in a greatly frustrating situation. Unfortunately, it is probably her most sensitive pressure point, her daughter with ex Marc Daly.

Marc has been a problem from the gate and he turned out to be the little engine that couldn’t. Their divorce has been longer than the marriage and just as problematic. At first, Marc was shy and didn’t want to appear on RHOA. Now that he’s the former Mr. Moore, he wants his own show.

Does Marc want a peach?

Kenya appeared on an episode of Way Up With Angela Yee and detailed Marc’s latest annoyance. The divorce is neverending at this point and must be costing a fortune. It seems Marc is currently contradicting himself because he wants Brooklyn Daly to appear on his new show. This comes AFTER Marc objected to Brooklyn showing up on RHOA.

What new show? Valid question. Back in 2021, there were rumors Marc began production on his own venture based out of Brooklyn, NY. It seems quite obvious what became of that idea.

“When you sue someone for divorce, the custody of the child [Brooklyn], the minor, comes into play. So we were very close and then the last mediation, he [Marc] wants to challenge my right to have the final say on her filming because he’s now on a reality show,” Kenya shared.

She continued, “And so now that’s what’s causing the divorce proceeding to move forward because I’m like ‘that’s what I sued you for custody for is because you were trying to keep her off Real Housewives.’ Now you want to be on a show now all of a sudden and you need my permission for her to be on that show because I have final say. And it’s like, it’s just so much bs.”

Brooklyn’s mom recently revealed Marc allegedly spends almost zero time with his daughter and Kenya calls him a “FaceTime Dad.” She has apparently paid for him to visit Atlanta to spend time with Brooklyn, and he neglected to do so. ALLEGEDLY.

Kenya and Marc’s divorce is expected to go to trial very soon.

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday on Bravo at 8/7c.


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