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Julia Fox

Julia Fox has a message for the “haters” who think she “lost” her ass. 

“It’s still there … Just not as big LOL,” Fox, 33, wrote via her Instagram Story over a photo that showed her frolicking around a New York beach on Monday, July 17. 

The actress looked carefree as she soaked up the sun in a white high-waisted one-piece that featured a completely sheer construction and a cutout at her torso. Fox paired the swimsuit with oversized sunglasses and a shell-adorned necklace. She later slipped into a pair of see-through white pants and accessorized with a trucker hat. 

Julia Fox gained notoriety after appearing in the December 2019 film Uncut Gems, which saw her with a fuller figure. After Dating/”>splitting with Kanye West in February 2022, however, fans noticed that she had lost a significant amount of weight. 

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Fox addressed her body transformation — and accusations that she used Ozempic to shed pounds — on an episode of her “Forbidden Fruits” podcast in March. 

“All these people are coming for me saying that I take the weight loss things … people are saying that I’m taking Ozempic or whatever it’s called,” she said. “I’m not and I never have … I would never do that. There are diabetics that need it. It’s a diabetes medication and there’s people that actually need it.” 

Fox previously spoke about dropping pounds in November 2022, calling the journey “unintentional” in a video shared via TikTok

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“For the people that knew me before, you know that I was kind of known for my curves. I’m Italian. My mom is very curvy as well, and I just got her body,” Fox shared. She went on to explain that it wasn’t until she gave birth to her son, Valentino, in January 2021 that she began “dropping all this weight.” (Fox shares Valentino with ex Peter Artemiev.) 

“I was like, ‘What the f—k? Do I have a tapeworm?’” Fox said. “My friends know I eat. If you go to dinner with me, I’m not even talking, like, I’m just eating. Then, I order all the desserts on the menu. So, it just happened. I’m a single mom and I chase a toddler every day.” 

Fox doubled down in the caption of the social media post writing, “I did not lose weight to fit into same sizes just so we r all clear.” 

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