John Boyega Reveals His Pick for Worst ‘Star Wars’ Film | John Boyega, Star Wars | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

John Boyega is opening up about his Star Wars experience.

The 31-year-old superstar made an appearance in a Hot Ones video.

During the clip, John was challenged to rank the three Star Wars films he’s appeared in from best to worst, and his answer is definitely generating some controversy.

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“Hell yeah, I’ll do it!” he began.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is most definitely the best,” he said, who palyed Finn in the trilogy that kicked off in 2015.

“Second, for me, comes Episode 9 [The Rise of Skywalker]. The worst, in the most respectful sense, is Episode 8 [The Last Jedi]. “But they’re all lovely,” he added after giving some side eye.

The replies were full of mixed responses to his answer, with many fans being unimpressed by his pick for worst film.

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