Jenna Lyons’ Fashion Tips for Dressing like RHONY Housewife

If you want to dress like a Housewife, The Real Housewives of New York City’s Jenna Lyons has got you covered.  

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“To me, dressing like a Housewife is like, dressing like yourself,” she told The Daily Dish. “I don’t think any of us are very traditional in the approach.” 

The fashion guru shared the self-affirming tip on what it takes to fit in with the gorgeous RHONY ladies at a Season 14 premiere event, held July 12. All six of the women on the revamped franchise bring their own style to the table. 

“We just are all so different. I dress down and I kind of got called out for it because I’m wearing jeans and T-shirts and denim shirts half the time,” Jenna shared. “We went on a trip and I bought like seven white shirts and they were like, ‘Are you kidding me?’” 

The former president of J.Crew, who now helms the beauty brand LoveSeen, may gravitate toward a classic white shirt, but her high-end wardrobe has plenty of glamor too. Jenna recently showed off her custom closet, complete with its rows and rows of shoes making it the envy of the city, in a tour of her renovated SoHo home. 

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“I’m a maximalist. I want everything. I don’t get rid of things. I love clothes,” she confessed to The Daily Dish. “I also have a huge basement filled with clothing. Clothes are my friends.” 

During her rise to the top, Jenna has been open about her struggle with the genetic disorder Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome or incontinentia pigmenti, which causes skin scarring, loss of hair and malformed teeth. Her own challenges have even inspired her to create LoveSeen, a natural line of false eyelashes designed with women’s rich diversity in mind. 

Jenna told The Daily Dish she’s been open about the disorder and its impacts on her life to help explain what makes her who she is today. 

Otherwise, she’s found people tend to make “assumptions” about “why I’m comfortable or not comfortable doing something” and don’t realize the real reason behind it.

“I also found that covering it up just makes people question and they want to know more, so I just — I’m honest about it. It’s a part of me, a big part of me. It was a really big deal growing up and it still is a big deal,” she shared.

To help others like herself, or those who just want to rock amazing eyelashes, Jenna created LoveSeen. 

“When we first started making the product we realized that like, I didn’t know how to do anything other than a fitting because that’s … what I grew up with,” Jenna said. 

Wanting to add to the brand’s diversity, she quickly set out to find women, ages 17 to 72, to help market the lashes.

“You start to see everyone’s eye shape is different and what they need is different,” Jenna shared. “Everyone has their own thing and so I think what we realized is it’s also important to show that.” 

It’s the reason Jenna felt it was important to Include a diverse set of women on the company’s website. 

This season fans will see Jenna (and fellow Housewife and content creator Sai De Silva) in action at a modeling call for the beauty brand.

“If you came on the site but you can see somebody who looked like you, who maybe felt familiar, you could see, ‘Oh, that last might look right on me,’” Jenna added. “That was important to us to make sure that there was some visual connection.” 

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When Jenna isn’t taking the fashion industry by storm, she can often be found spending time with her teenage son Beckett, who she shares with Dating-rhony-cast-member-explainer” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>ex-husband Vincent Mazeau.

She adorably took to Instagram to wish the teen a happy birthday in October 2021, but not before taking a moment to playfully poke fun at the pain of labor.

“15 years ago today I met the most important person in my life. My anesthesiologist. Beckett Lyons Mazeau arrived at 2:30pm on October 3rd. I couldn’t love you more – never not ever not ever not loving you. I am so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for letting me be your mama – it’s the worst paid best job ever. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!!!” she wrote next to a flood of red heart emojis and an adorable snap of baby Beckett. 

Jenna told The Daily Dish that she’s worked hard to create memorable traditions each year with her son, even though she didn’t grow up with religion and had a mom who wasn’t big on them herself.

“One of them is a pie fight which we were not able to do because of the weather, but normally we have a huge pie fight and … I’ve blocked off the street and we all throw pies at each other and it’s so fun,” she said. “I love it too.” 

Um, can we join in on that one?

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