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Jamie Lynn Spears, 32, looked ecstatic when she visited the Zoey 102 billboard this week. The actress wore a white button-down striped top and denim shorts as she mingled with a group of pals and took photos of the Los Angeles, CA attraction. She also had her long hair down and added sunglasses to help keep the sun out of her eyes

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears during the outing to see the billboard. (TheHollywoodFix.net / BACKGRID)

Jamie Lyn’s outing to admire the billboard comes after she revealed her daughters, Maddie Aldridge, 15, and Ivey Joan, 5, have cameos in Zoey 102, which is a sequel film to her formerNickelodeon television series, Zoey 101. “Having my two girls be a part of this film and get to make their little debut cameo, if you will, it was so special because they got to do it together,” she told ET in a July 20 interview. “And also, my daughter’s friend got to do it with her who’s like another child to me.”

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears hanging out with a group during the billboard outing. (TheHollywoodFix.net / BACKGRID)

She went on to talk about how proud she was of her girls. “Just seeing those two worlds collide, it was a really proud moment for me as a mom,” she explained. “[Maddie] told me she liked what she saw — the set and saw the production and what it was. She was like, ‘Mom, I can’t believe that, like, they’re all here because this is the movie that you’ve created.’ And that made me feel really proud as a mom that she recognized that and saw you can do big things. It doesn’t matter. And seeing her be a part of it was just, it was really a special moment.”

Since Jamie Lyn was stepping into the role of Zoey 18 years later, she admitted she asked Maddie for advice on what’s considered “cool” these days. “Certain things I did ask her about,” she confessed. “I’m like, ‘Who’s the people that are cool? Who are the people we want to be a part of this?’ And she told me the movie was cool. So, you know, job well done. Probably should’ve given her an EP credit.”

As far as her daughters having a future in acting, Jamie Lynn said she wants to support them with whatever they want to do and if she can help along the way, all the better. “I think it all comes down to the fact that I do want my daughters to create the life they want,” she said. “So how else can I teach them that by trying to do it myself?”

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