Neither Jamie or Corinne have publicly shared additional details about the hospitalization. However, a fan who recently crossed paths with Jamie in Chicago said the actor looked “strong and well” when he helped return her missing purse.

“I knew it was him immediately,” Terri “Queeni” Glen told Fox News, explaining that Jamie tracked her down on July 10 after she had dropped her bag on the street during a pedicab ride. “I ran around the bicycle and I said, ‘Can I have a hug?’ And ‘Are you all right? Do you feel good?'”

Terri recounted how Jamie “just quoted me, and he said, ‘I feel good.'”

“He just kind of had like a little smile,” she recalled. “It made me really feel like he was appreciative of me asking about his well-being instead of saying, ‘Hey, can we get a picture?'”

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