‘I Do Not Have Cancer’

Kelly Stafford Clarifies She Does Not Have Cancer
Courtesy of Kelly Stafford/Instagram

Kelly Stafford clarified that she is not battling cancer — and expressed frustration over false stories — as she keeps fans up to Date on her recent health scare.

“There is a bunch [of stories] circulating right now and want to reiterate that I DO NOT HAVE CANCER,” Stafford, 34, wrote via Instagram on Monday, July 24. “If journalists actually took time to check facts these days, they would know this.”

Kelly, Relationship-timeline-pics/”>who is married to Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, added: “I’m infuriated. Most the time I wouldn’t care what people wrote because it didn’t matter. THIS MATTERS.”

Kelly further explained that incorrect stories about her fighting cancer “takes away from the people who are fighting this horrible disease … fighting to live another day, fighting to be there with the ones they love, fighting 24/7. So PLEASE send your prayers to them.”

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Kelly Stafford and Matthew Stafford
Courtesy of Kelly Stafford/Instagram

She concluded: “I will reiterate it again, I do not have cancer and I have never had cancer. I’m so sorry again for the ones who are fighting. 🙏 And to you so called journalists out there, be better. And stop using me as click bait because nfl camp is starting back 🙄.”

Kelly — who shares twins Sawyer and Chandler, 7, and daughters Hunter, 5, and Tyler, 3, with Matthew, 35 — also slammed a headline that read, “Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Thinks She Might Have Cancer Again.”

She pointed out via her Instagram story on Monday that “part of the reason I don’t wanna share my life [is] people take it and use it as click bait. I said I did not have cancer, but I was terrified of the possibility considering what I have been feeling … but REITERATED IT SEVERAL TIMES that it was ruled out.”

Kelly, who reiterated that she has “never had cancer before,” addressed the misleading stories one week after she spoke out about her recent health scare on her “The Morning After” podcast.

“I missed last week because I have been very sick. I don’t want to scare people,” Kelly told her listeners on Tuesday, July 18. “I’ve been breaking through my birth control every two weeks. I’ve had heavy, heavy periods.”

She confessed at the time that when her OB-GYN called and told her they found “things” on her thyroid scan, it “scared the s—t out of me.”

Kelly — who was diagnosed in 2019 with a benign brain tumor, which was later successfully removed — explained on the podcast that after not feeling “great” for days she thought, “I have f—king cancer.” Although she also entertained the idea it was all in her head, her symptoms got worse and she ended up in the hospital for “a lot of pain in my stomach and in my back.”

Kelly told her listeners on Tuesday that doctors ruled out cancer during that hospital visit and told her she was dealing with a stomach bug. “There’s no cancer,” she said. “That was my biggest fear.”

While Kelly confirmed she was cancer-free during the podcast, she revealed her stomach issues had not subsided. Instead, she explained after her stomach “looked like I was eight months pregnant,” she sought advice from a gastroenterologist.

“Now it’s kind of the waiting game,” Kelly said on Tuesday, adding that she’s been doing more tests for her intestines and gut. “I just wish we could figure it out.”

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